Reallusion Helps You Put on a Happy Face with Launch of FaceFilter Studio 2.0™

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New, Improved Version of Award-Winning Photo Enhancement Software Gives You a Perfect Shot Every Time.

face_filter_2_hiSAN JOSE, CA, March 12, 2007-Men and woman alike spend billions of pounds a year on personal care products, make-up, plastic surgery, and other cosmetic solutions to look their best, and, yet, when it comes to their most cherished photos, they are often forced to sacrifice their images-and, more importantly, their self-image-to the luck of the draw.

Enter FaceFilter Studio 2.0TM.

FaceFilter Studio 2.0TM, the new and improved version of Reallusion's award-winning photo enhancement software, empowers amateur photographers at every stage with a user-friendly and inexpensive solution that finally takes the nervous uncertainty out of taking photos, to give them a perfect shot every time.

New Features in FaceFilter Studio 2.0:

  • Smart Portrait: The powerful image colour correction function, Smart Portrait, auto-detects human face and skin tone to create vibrant colorful photos from imperfectly lit images, be they over- or under-exposed, taken with a low- quality camera or washed out due to backlighting;
  • Automatic Red-Eye Reduction: Red-eye often seen in flash photography due to reflection of the retina can quickly and easily be removed with a single click with automatic red-eye reduction. This new function can simultaneously find red eyes on multiple faces in your photos. Also, it is easy to change eye colour to any colour you desire;
  • High-Resolution Rendering: FaceFilter Studio 2.0 also supports high-resolution image rendering up to 12 Mega pixels for professional camera users;

  • High-Quality Prints and Stickers: Additionally, you can print professional quality prints in a flash or create instant, fun photo-stickers with various mood expressions.

Other Highlights:

  • Turn That Frown Upside Down: Restore photos by removing undesirable facial expressions;
  • Lose the Weight-and the Years: Reshape and tone faces for automatic thinning and removal of wrinkles and other signs of ageing;
  • Get the Skin You've Always Wanted: Repair facial blemishes and unwanted shine on chins and noses for perfect skin. Also, the digital cosmetics skin tone palette allows you to put a little colour into those cheeks or even give yourself a tan;
  • Choose Your Expression: Browse different expressions from the Facial Expressions Library for quick preview and select from numerous facial expression options; and don't worry about group images: you can select and edit single and multiple faces from portraits, candids and group photos.

FaceFilter Studio 2.0 will be available in April at a MSRP of £29.99 inc  Vat from For additional product information, as please visit:

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