NEW MAGIX Website Maker 3

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The Unique, Complete Website Solution for Beginners - Everything You Need including storage and server space as well as a unique web address

UK, March 26th 2009, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of WebSite Maker 3. Website Maker 3 lets any beginner, without previous knowledge, create and publish a high-quality professional website that is immediately online. With the slow down in the economy, more and people small businesses and independent workers are looking for cost effective ways in which they can promote themselves. MAGIX Website Maker 3 offers a quick solution for professional looking website creation - the package is a total solution.


wm3_ukCompared to other software, or services, MAGIX Website Maker comes with storage and server space as well as a unique web address. No more lengthy searching for storage space, servers or suitable web addresses. The customer doesn't have to worry at all. MAGIX supplies everything the user needs for posting a website online in a single package. With MAGIX Music Maker everything is created and managed directly online and the user can access their website from anywhere and at anytime. There are no limitations due to single user license restrictions and no installation on a PC is required. WebSite Maker 3 gives worldwide access.


Getting your own Website is so easy. MAGIX Website Maker 3 includes a 40-page beginner course introducing the topic of web design, an interactive workshop, video tutorials, and wizards, whilst numerous professionally designed templates enable novices to achieve results quickly. Simply specify the basic design of the website and then insert or adjust different elements like images, videos, music, animations, or text effects to give your website a unique look. A total of five gigabytes are provided to the user to make their creative plans a reality.

MAGIX Website Maker 3 is the only application on the market which enables the user to design their own page directly with Flash and place it live online without any prior knowledge required.

Main Features:

The Complete Solution. Unlike other website creation programmes, MAGIX Website Maker 3 is the total website solution for beginners. The Website with storage space and a web address (domain) is included plus a "Getting started" workshop. High-quality web design templates, online software, a workshop, video tutorials and multimedia content are also provided to ensure that the user has everything they need to create professional looking websites.

Quick & easy: Quickly select web design templates with the Website Maker Wizard use drag and drop to add photos and text - and your very own website is ready to go

No installation: Online software ideal for DSL (works online)

Your own free sub domain (, 5 MB storage space, 12

months included

Supported learning for "Website creation" with the included "Beginner course: How

To easily create your own website" booklet, interactive workshops, video

tutorials, support and website wizard

Exciting designs: Over 100 exclusive Flash website templates. More than 160 decorative elements (backgrounds, headers, footers, and more)

Export and integrate media player & website via HTML into other websites. No export to other servers via FTP required.

New for Professional users - Multi-project mode: Operate website projects at multiple domains

MAGIX Website Maker 3 also offers interesting innovations to more advanced users. By integrating Google AdSense, your website can be turned into a source of revenue, since the system places advertising blocks on your MAGIX websites. In the new multi-project mode, multiple completely different website projects can be published online to be accessed via different web addresses with a single account.

Price & Availability:

MAGIX WebSite Maker 3 is available now for SRP £29.99 inc

from all major UK retailers and online partners including Amazon and PC World.

Web hosting free for 12 months after registration. Monthly charges will be incurred after the period has expired if you continue to use the service. Free continued use with restricted service possible. Website Maker easy (1.99 per month), Website Maker deluxe (4.99 per month)

About MAGIX:

MAGIX AG, Berlin, is an internationally operating provider of software, online services, and digital content for using multimedia products and services in personal communication. Furthermore, MAGIX also offers tailor-made multimedia packages as one-stop solutions to business partners such as online portals and hardware manufacturers. Since 1993, MAGIX has developed state-of-the-art technology for designing, editing, and archiving digital photos, videos, and music. In 2007, based on sales of products through retail distribution of photo, video, and music software, MAGIX held a leading market position in Germany and various other European countries, and was one of the three leading market players in the USA.