TerraTec USB TV Sticks Turn Netbooks into Another TV Set for on the Go and at Home.

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Cost-friendly, Space-saving and Battery-sparing! TerraTec USB TV Sticks Turn Netbooks into Another TV Set for on the Go and at Home

TerraTec now enables the compact netbook owner to turn the devices into another TV set at very low cost with home and mobile TV solutions that deliver digital and analog TV and radio signals to netbooks via antenna, cable or satellite. Valued for their long battery life, these handy little devices are perfect for enjoying TV on the PC. Getting started couldn't be any easier: All it takes is any TerraTec TV card in USB stick format such as a new Premium line model, an available USB slot, and the included TerraTec Home Cinema TV software.

The THC TV application runs on all prevailing vendors' Windows netbooks:

  • Intel Atom processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 300 MB hard disk storage for software installation
  • Windows XP, Service Pack 2 and higher

TerraTec's proprietary TV software THC not only offers the perfect features for this application, it is also resource-sparing, simple, and fast. The time-shifting feature enables delayed viewing; that is, it lets viewers interrupt programs and resume watching later at the same place. THC covers the full range of TV applications. For one, it transforms the computer into a powerful video recorder. Beyond that, it provides multi-tuner support and even picture-in-picture functionality. Alongside its extensive array of station and favorites management tools, THC provides a very convenient search option with the electronic program guide (EPG).

The user's choice of TV stick depends on the type of TV signal. TerraTec offers DVB-T (antenna), DVB-C (cable), and DVS-S (satellite) solutions, as well as hybrid products and solutions for analog television and radio.

About TerraTec Electronic GmbH:

Launched in 1994 in the Rhine region town of Nettetal, TerraTec Electronic swiftly made major inroads in its target markets. Today the company is the German TV, video and audio card maker and one of Europe's premier multimedia enterprises. The companies' portfolio encompasses offerings ranging from professional PC audio systems to TV / video solutions and hi-fi consumer products. As technology trendsetter, TerraTec charts the course of innovation in wireless home entertainment products, internet radios and digital television solutions for PCs and notebooks.<-->