MAGIX Provides Atmosphere To Your Audio Dubbing

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Audio dubbing is not only an important function for dubbing foreign language movies. Audio dubbing also underlines the overall effect of each movie. Adding sounds and music is therefore highly recommended when editing videos. Movie recordings of bustling cities, a cosy living room fireplace or a thunderstorm: street noise, fire crackling or rain pouring down accompanied by loud thunder breathe life into your scenes. However most users need an easy way to record such quality effects. With its collection of diverse sound files in the Photo & Videoshow Premium Sounds MAGIX offers private users the possibility to add professional sounds to their projects, particularly to those that are difficult to record outdoors. This way your home-made movie and slideshow are enhanced acoustically. The sound package includes


  • more than 700 new atmospheric sounds
  • more than 100 royalty-free sounds
  • 30 soundtracks for background music
  • prepared audio landscapes
  • authentic nature sounds


Sound Effects And Music: The Sound Duo For Audio Dubbing


Once the sounds have been added, all you have to do is add suitable background music that matches the visuals and emphasizes the necessary emotions. To find out how important background music can be, simply watch your favorite movie: the instrumental soundtrack on its own is enough to recall memories of images and emotions from the movie. To achieve this effect with your own work, MAGIX Video & Photo Soundpool offers several instrumental soundtracks you can use for the soundtrack or "score". You can even use entire genre songs to make your scenes more vivid. More than 100 royalty-free tracks are available for use on the Soundpool DVD. But not only movies benefit from such acoustic enhancements. The positive influence of supporting sounds in slideshows can be remarkable as audio dubbing adds an unforgettable atmosphere to slideshows.