Ricoh announces the GR DIGITAL III

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GR3_black_center_openA milestone in digital camera evolution: Large-aperture F1.9 GR Lens and even greater image quality

Tokyo, Japan, July 27, 2009-Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) today announced the release of the GR DIGITAL III camera. A Successor model to the GR DIGITAL II, The GR Digital III achieves a whole new level of image quality.

The GR DIGITAL II (November 2007) achieved superb image quality by packing superior resolution, low noise, and low colour aberration performance into a thin, compact body. In the 20 months since its release, the GR Digital II it has been very popular with a wide range of customers, especially professional photographers and experienced amateurs.

GR3_black_backThe new GR DIGITAL III takes the GR line's traditional high image quality to an even higher level with a new image processing engine, a new CCD, and the newly developed 28 mm/F1.9 GR Lens. Performance has also been enhanced in areas such as quick shooting, operability, and power of expression.

In order to fully respond to the needs of our customers for the GR DIGITAL III, Ricoh will continue to offer the customization services (fine tuning of shutter release button sensitivity, AE/AWB, etc.) that we have provided since the introduction of the GR DIGITAL.

The new GR Digital III will be available at £529.99 inc from the middle of August.

Main Features

1. Newly developed large-aperture lens.

・The adoption of the new F1.9, f-6.0 mm (equivalent to 28 mm for 35 mm film cameras) lens for the GR DIGITAL III takes compact-body cameras into a new realm of images. This lens makes it possible to shoot with a faster shutter speed than could be used on previous models, or to shoot with the same shutter speed but at a lower setting for ISO sensitivity.

・Despite the large F1.9 aperture, the new lens achieves a resolution level equivalent to that of the F2.4 GR Lens.

・The use of a newly developed lens drive system has made it possible to achieve greater image quality in macro photography.

2. Taking the GR DIGITAL concepts another step forward, the GR DIGITAL III achieves even greater image quality.

・The new image processing engine GR Engine III is installed. Using newly developed noise reduction technology, it enables highly sophisticated noise processing to be done while maintaining superior resolution, tone characteristics, and saturation.

・The new high-sensitivity CCD (1/1.7 inch, approx. 10 megapixels) achieves high-sensitivity properties through the use of a new process. The combination of the newly developed GR Lens and GR Engine III significantly increases shooting performance in low-light scenes.

3. Even faster shooting capabilities for capturing fleeting shutter opportunities.

・Algorithm improvements have reduced focusing time in low-light scenes. With the Pre-AF function, focusing speed is further accelerated by adjusting the focus to match the movement of the subject.

・The new "full-press snap" function shoots at a preset distance for a one-push full-press of the shutter button.

・Up to five RAW images can be recorded in consecutive shooting* and bracketing.

*When noise reduction is OFF. When it is Weak or Strong, the maximum is four images.

4. Enhanced expression capabilities make good use of GR Lens performance.

・Shutter speed priority AE is now available in addition to aperture priority AE.

・A more extensive range of image settings enables the photographer to control hue and saturation. This makes it easy to create images with a wide variety of coloration.

・When photographing subjects with mixed color temperatures, the multi-pattern auto white balance function makes it possible to achieve optimum colour reproduction.

5. Large, high-visibility 3.0-inch VGA LCD monitor.

・The 3.0-inch, 920,000-dot VGA LCD monitor provides high resolution, a wide viewing angle, excellent colour reproduction, good visibility outdoors, and a surface that resists soiling. The sRGB comparison for colour reproduction range is 100%.

・The micro-thumbnail display function displays 81 thumbnail images on a single screen.

6. Operability further enhanced.

・The My Settings on the mode dial have been expanded to three sets. The number of Fn (function) buttons on the back of the camera body has been expanded to two.

・A function has been added for assigning names to My Settings sets and storing and retrieving them. A maximum of six sets can be defined and stored.

7. Expandability further enhanced with addition of new options.

・The 21 mm wide conversion lens GW-2 and hood and adapter GH-2 will be sold.

・The available soft cases are the GC-3 for the body only and the GC-4 quick-shooting case type compatible with the GV-2 viewfinder.

There are also plans to introduce the GF-1 external flash, which can handle TTL flash using auxiliary flash, in the autumn of 2009.

8. Function to be expanded using firmware.

・    Even after the GR DIGITAL III is introduced, we will continue to add new functions through the release of new firmware. By updating their firmware, GR DIGITAL III owners can continue to utilize the latest functions.

Customization service

(1) Shutter release button adjustment service (suggested retail price: 3,000 yen, consumption tax included: 3,150 yen)

・We fine tune shutter release button sensitivity.

(2) AE/AWB adjustment service (suggested retail price: 4,000 yen, consumption tax included: 4,200 yen)

・For customers with two or more GR DIGITAL III cameras, we fine tune AE/AWB to reduce individual differences.

*It is not possible to adjust differences between a GR DIGITAL III and a GR DIGITAL or GR DIGITAL II model.

(3) Lens name ring replacement service (suggested retail price: 2,000 yen, consumption tax included: 2,100 yen)

・We replace the "GR LENS f=6.0mm 1:1.9" ring on the lens barrel, with one finished all black.

*  For customization services, cameras must be brought directly to the Ricoh Ginza Camera Service Centre (Ginza), the Digital Camera Service Center (Shin-Yokohama), or the Ricoh Osaka Camera Service Center (Esaka).


Product Model

・Hood and adapter                 GH-2 *1

・Wide conversion lens *2                   GW-2 *1

・External TTL flash                GF-1 *3

・External viewfinder               GV-1

・External mini viewfinder                   GV-2

・Cable switch                         CA-1

・Soft case                              GC-3 *1

・Soft case (GV-2 compatible)            GC-4 *1

・Neck strap (GR DIGITAL logo)         GS-1

・Neck strap (Ricoh logo)                    ST-2

・AC adapter                           AC-4c

・Rechargeable battery                       DB-65 *1

・Battery charger                                 BJ-6


GR DIGITAL/GR DIGITAL II options GH-1, GW-1, GT-1, GC-1, and GC-2 cannot be used.

*1    Newly introduced option.

*2    Hood and adapter GH-2 is required when using wide conversion lens GW-2.

*3    This option is to go on sale in autumn 2009.

GR DIGITAL III - Major Specifications:

No. of Effective Pixels (Camera):

Approximately 10.00 million pixels

Image Sensor:

1/1.7-inch CCD (total pixels: approx. 10.40 million pixels)


Focal length: f=6.0 mm (equivalent to 28 mm for 35 mm film cameras)
F-aperture: F1.9 - F9 (exposure control with both aperture and ND filter when F8.0-F11 displays in auto shooting mode)
Shooting Distance (from the front of the lens): Approx. 30 cm - infinity; Macro (from the front of the lens): Approx. 1 cm - infinity

Lens Construction: 8 elements in 6 groups (aspheric lens: 2 elements and 2 surfaces)


Digital Zoom Magnication:

Digital Zoom: Approx. 4.0x; Auto Resize Zoom: Approx. 5.7x (VGA images)

Focus Mode:

Multi AF (CCD method) / Spot AF (CCD method) / Manual Focus / Snap / Infinity (Focus lock and AF auxiliary light available. For Multi AF and Spot AF, full-press snap and pre-AF are possible.)

Shutter Speed: *1

Still image: 180, 120, 60, 30, 15, 13, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3.2, 2.5, 2, 1.6, 1.3, 1 - 1/2000 sec. (maximum and minimum shutter speeds vary depending on shooting mode and flash mode)
Movie: 1/30 - 1/2000 sec.

Exposure Control:

Exposure Metering Mode: Multi (256 segments), Centre Weighted Light Metering, Spot Metering (TTL-CCD metering method, AE lock possible)
Exposure Modes: Program shift AE/Aperture priority AE/Shutter priority AE/Manual exposure
Exposure Compensation: Manual Exposure Compensation +/-2.0EV (1/3EV Steps), Auto Bracket Function (-0.5EV, ±0, +0.5EV / -0.3EV, ±0, +0.3EV)

ISO Sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity):

AUTO, AUTO-HI, ISO64 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600

White Balance Mode:

AUTO / Multi-Pattern AUTO / Outdoors / Cloudy / Incandescent / Fluorescent / Manual / Detail, White Balance Bracket Function


Built-in flash mode: Auto (during low light and when the subject is backlit), Red-eye-Reduction, Flash On, Slow Synchro, Manual Flash, Flash Off
Built-in flash range: Approx. 20 cm - 3.0 m (ISO Auto)
Flash compensation: +/-2.0EV (1/3EV Steps)


3.0-inch Transparent LCD (approx. 920,000 dots)

Shooting Mode:

Auto Shooting Mode / Program Shift Mode / Aperture Priority Mode / Shutter Speed Priority Mode / Manual Exposure Mode / Scene Modes (Text / Movie / Skew Correction / Dynamic Range Double Shot) / My Settings Mode


Picture Quality Mode: *2

F (Fine) / N (Normal) / RAW (DNG file format) *3

No. of Pixels Recorded:

Still image: [4:3]3648×2736, 3264×2448, 2592×1944, 2048×1536, 1280×960, 640×480
[3:2] 3648×2432    [1:1] 2736×2736
Movie: 640x480, 320x240
Text: 3648x2736, 2048x1536

Recording Media:

SD memory card, SDHC memory card, Internal memory (approx. 88MB)

Storage Capacity (Pictures/Time):*4 (internal memory 88MB)

Still image: 3648×2736 (RAW: 4, F: 22, N: 38) / 3648×2432 (RAW: 5, F: 25, N: 43) / 2736×2736 (RAW: 6, F: 29, N: 50) / 3264×2448 (N: 47) / 2592×1944 (N: 72) / 2048×1536 (N: 109) / 1280×960 (N:175) / 640×480 (N: 705) / Text: 3648×2736 (38), 2048×1536 (109)

Movie*5: 640×480: 30 frames/sec. (51 sec.), 640×480: 15 frames/sec. (1 min. 42 sec.), 320×240: 30 frames/sec. (2 min. 12 sec.), 320×240: 15 frames/sec. (4 min. 19 sec.)

Recording File Format:

Still Image: JPEG (Exif ver. 2.21) *6 , RAW (DNG)
Movie: AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG Format compliant)

Other Major Shooting Functions:

Continuous / S-Cont / M-Cont, Self-Timer (operation time: approx. 10 sec. / approx. 2 sec.), Interval Timer (shooting interval: 5 sec. - 1 hour (5 sec. steps) *7, Color Bracket function, B&W (TE), Color Space Setting, Noise Reduction, Histogram, Grid Guide, Depth of Field, Electronic Level, Hot Shoe

Other Major Playback Functions:

Auto Rotate, Grid View, Enlarged Display (maximum 16x), Resize


USB 2.0 (High-Speed USB) Mini-B, Mass storage*8 / Audio Out 1.0Vp-p (75Ω)

Video Signal Format:

NTSC, PAL switchable

Power Supply:

Rechargeable Battery: DB-65 (3.7V) x1, AAA Dry Alkaline Battery x2, AAA Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery x 2, AC adapter (AC-4c option) 3.8V

Battery Consumption: *9

Based on CIPA Standard: Using the DB-65, approx. 370 pictures / Using AAA Dry Alkaline Battery x2, approx. 25 pictures*10

External Dimensions:

108.6 mm (W) x 59.8 mm (H) x 25.5 mm (D) (excluding projecting parts)


Approx. 188 g (excluding battery, SD memory card, strap), Accessories approx. 30 g (battery, strap)

Operating Temperature Range:


*1. Shutter speed upper and lower limits vary depending on Shooting Mode and Flash Mode.
*2. The picture quality modes which can be set vary depending on the image size.
*3. A JPEG file in Normal 640 or Fine/Normal mode with the same size as the RAW file is recorded at the same time. The DNG file format is a RAW image file format and is the standard format of Adobe Systems.
*4. Estimated number of still images it is possible to record and estimated amount of movie recording time.

*5. The maximum length for one instance of movie recording is 90 minutes or the file size upper limit of 4GB.

*6. Compatible with DCF and DPOF. DCF is the abbreviation of the JEITA standard "Design rule for Camera

File system." (Full compatibility with other devices is not guaranteed.)

*7. With flash off.

*8. Mass storage driver is compatible with Windows (R) 2000, XP, and Vista; Mac OS9.0-9.2.2 and Mac


*9. Shooting capacity was measured using CIPA-standard parameters. This is only an estimate, and

performance may vary according to usage conditions.

*10. Using Panasonic AAA alkaline batteries.