For a Professional Start: Website Creation with MAGIX

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A personalized homepage is a sensible presentation option for career fledglings as well as experienced professionals, but many of us aren't confident enough with the process of website creation involved to get started. Now the days when sophisticated websites were reserved for IT specialists are over. The easy to use interface featured in MAGIX Website Maker provides every user with a quick and stylish presentation of themselves or their services online.

"We have invested much time and resources in developing products to make website creation an easy process so that really anyone is able to view effective results after a short period of time", explains product manager Daniel Mackel. "Operation of the program has to be easy, but users also want unique design options. Websites also need to look attractive too. I'm convinced that the many different web design templates and design elements included in the media library that we offer provide enough combination possibilities to make the system uncomplicated and visually satisfying for all users."

Escape the crisis: Get started with website creation!

Especially in the current economic situation, to offer potential clients informative and clearly laid-out information via a personalized website is very helpful. Users who are less competent in IT are able to add information about activities in their free time, photos, or videos, more established businesses can design their own website without a big budget or an expensive agency independently and according to their own tastes. MAGIX Website Maker includes a Multi-Project mode so that private websites may be designed and maintained parallel to professionally relevant websites at different web addresses. Access may also be designated for different visitors. The application offers effective protection via a password the user is able to choose themselves. So whether websites are intended to help with job applications, to act as a business presentation platform, or simply for private use: Website creation with MAGIX Website Maker is the easiest and fastest option for getting a tasteful website online.

About MAGIX:

MAGIX AG, Berlin, is an internationally operating provider of software, online services, and digital content for using multimedia products and services in personal communication. Furthermore, MAGIX also offers tailor-made multimedia packages as one-stop solutions to business partners such as online portals and hardware manufacturers. Since 1993, MAGIX has developed state-of-the-art technology for designing, editing, and archiving digital photos, videos, and music. In 2007, based on sales of products through retail distribution of photo, video, and music software, MAGIX held a leading market position in Germany and various other European countries, and was one of the three leading market players in the USA.