MAGIX Anticipates Increasing Importance of Music Software

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Software specialist MAGIX expects the importance of music software for PCs to increase over the coming years. Different questionnaires that have been published by the statistics portal clearly indicate that home computers are increasingly becoming musical control centres: Half of those interviewed already use their PC for listening to music (63 percent). 44 percent of participants also use their computer to edit music CDs. The final 16 percent plan on investing money in new audio software within the next 12 months.

"For our users, the hard drive mainly fulfills the same purpose as a jukebox did in the old days - an overview of the music collection is guaranteed so that songs are able to be selected and played back without any snags", explains Dr. Ulrich Hepp, MAGIX Senior PR Manager. "The Internet also shows that composing music and presenting personally produced songs is also a trend. The further development of music software with MAGIX Music Maker has made accessing this phenomenon positively easier over the past years. This is mirrored by the fact that more and more users want to use their PC for exactly this purpose."

Proper music software increases musical enjoyment on PC

With many years of expertise in developing music software, MAGIX continues to be at the forefront of creating software that is easy to use whilst also fulfilling the needs of more demanding users. Over the years, a lot of time and resources have been invested in making sure that MAGIX products, such as Music Maker, are easy to use. At the same time, the software has to possess a high level of musical depth and functionality, since the demands of users also continue to increase. Eventually, as well as listening to their favourite, more and more users are starting to listen to their own, self-composed songs with programs like MAGIX MP3 Maker. The increasing importance of music software has been realized by MAGIX not only by providing products that make composing music easier, but also by offering computers everything that is required for simply leaning back and enjoying tunes.

About MAGIX:

MAGIX AG, Berlin, is an internationally operating provider of software, online services, and digital content for using multimedia products and services in personal communication. Furthermore, MAGIX also offers tailor-made multimedia packages as one-stop solutions to business partners such as online portals and hardware manufacturers. Since 1993, MAGIX has developed state-of-the-art technology for designing, editing, and archiving digital photos, videos, and music. In 2007, based on sales of products through retail distribution of photo, video, and music software, MAGIX held a leading market position in Germany and various other European countries, and was one of the three leading market players in the USA.