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New Software Update Predicts Location of Run-Away Dogs

retrievaviewranger-oscaronphone GPS dog-collar manufacturer Retrieva (www.retrievatracking.com) and mobile phone sat-nav specialists ViewRanger (www.viewranger.com) have unveiled new updates to their dog collar and software combination that allows you to track your dog on your mobile phone.

The new features help you to predict where your runaway dog may be headed. The ViewRanger mobile phone software communicates with the Retrieva tracking collar via SMS text, and can show you the speed that your dog is travelling and the direction in which it is heading. The software automatically combines this with detailed street and topographic maps to give a visual indication of where your dog is likely to be.

Other new features include global map coverage with street map and topographic basemap coverage and better reporting of the Retrieva collar status, including battery state, within the ViewRanger software.

The update is included in new firmware within the Retrieva collars and within the latest ViewRanger sat-nav software. The ViewRanger software is included in-the-box with every Retrieva tracking collar.

This unique combination of GPS collar and sat-nav software has proven a hit with both owners of working dogs and owners of dearly loved pets. Pedigree breed dog owners, search and rescue dog teams in the UK, and working dogs in Scandinavia have all benefited from this co-operation.

Craig Wareham, co-founder and CEO of Augmentra, the company behind the ViewRanger software, says, “Retrieva is an interesting application for ViewRanger and demonstrates well how different communities can use its functionality. We are delighted to have extended our software’s support for Retrieva’s enhanced capabilities. Plus, the addition of new global mapping within ViewRanger offers greater peace of mind to owners that take their pets on holiday. We look forward to future collaboration between our two innovative companies.”

Jon Bryan, co-founder and managing director of Retrieva Tracking, said, “The ability to see exactly what your dog is doing on your phone is essential to the users of our product, and we are delighted that ViewRanger have responded so effectively to our enhanced software capabilities. It is without doubt the most impressive platform available in the market today.”

The Retrieva Tracking collars are available from www.retrievatracking.com RRP £199.99 and £9.99 per month to cover all network communications.

ViewRanger software is included in-the-box with each new collar. The stand-alone software is available from www.viewranger.com.