Enjoy Your Favourite TV Channels Throughout the House with DVBLink Software from DVB Logic.

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DVBLink seamlessly integrates Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial TV channels into Windows Media Center for easy viewing around the house.

London, UK, April 8th 2010, DVBLogic, the unique provider of digital TV integration and connectivity solutions for Microsoft Windows Media Center, has announced the availability of DVBLink TVSource 2.1

Demand for watching TV on a variety of different devices at home is continually increasing. When used in conjunction with (amongst others) Windows Media Center, DVBLink TVSource and Network pack users can enjoy their favourite Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable or IPTV channels throughout the whole house without the need for TV Tuner hardware on every PC.

DVBLink is the unified digital  PC TV content delivery platform. Built on virtual tuner technology, DVBLink bridges the gap between most types of PC TV tuner hardware, EPG guides, IPTV and works with practically every Windows multimedia application - Windows MediaCenter and its extenders, MediaPortal, DVBViewer, GB-PVR, SageTV and others. DVBLink TVSource with Network Pack is also a UPnP server that streams live TV to UPNP enabled hardware and software clients.

DVBLogic products combine ease of use of Windows MCE with the versatility and reliability of dedicated digital TV appliances and applications. They seamlessly integrate satellite (DVB-S), cable (DVB-C) TV, Terrestrial TV (DVB T) and IPTV sources into Media Center, including support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD video, multichannel audio, EPG information, teletext and subtitles. DVBLogic products enable all native TV control features of MCE for these sources such as Guide listings, watching/pausing live TV, and one-touch and timer recordings etc.

DVBLink TVSource 2.1 allows you to watch television on a single PC. Setting up the system to watch TV on one computer is easy. Simply install the DVBLink software and tuner hardware on the same computer. Then connect to the source of the TV signal, e.g. satellite dish, cable, terrestrial antenna. DVBLink TVSource will also control multiple tuners (even of different types/brands) when installed on one computer. Full, easy to follow instructions are provided so that the consumer will be watching TV on their preferred device in no time at all!

DVBLink TVSource 2.1 can be installed in combination with DVBLink Server Network Pack on a server computer to enable viewing on several computers or other devices stationed around the house. Then you can enjoy your favourite TV channels throughout your whole house - in Windows MediaCenter, running on network computers, on UPNP enabled clients such as Sony PlayStation3, on net books and laptops, running Windows 7 and on XBox 360.

DVBLogic - TV that's always with you.

For further information, please see: http://www.dvblogic.com/

Price and Availability:

DVBLink TV Source and DVBLink Server Network are available for download from:


About DVBLogic:

In the last decade, the convergence of computing and home TV/Audio entertainment technologies has led to rapid changes in the way in which we all listen to Audio or view Video programmes at home as well as in a work environment. The ultimate aim is now to have the ability to view/listen to digital content anytime and anywhere (‘on-demand').

DVBLogic was founded in 2007 to ‘bridge the gap' between third party hardware and Windows MediaCenter to allow streaming of digital content (TV - including HD, Satellite, Cable or terrestrial; Audio incorporating 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound) to remote devices for playback. Since its foundation, DVBLogic has introduced products for use with many manufacturers, including Hauppage; Pinnacle; Technotrend; and Dreambox.

Founders Pavlo Barvinko and Sasha Bublyk both graduated at Kiev University in 1995 with Masters Degrees in Applied Physics and Electronics.