Just5 CP11 – third anti-iPhone with big buttons. Now with the display that jumps out

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Russia based device vendor Orbita Telecom publicly announced new model of their device brand Just5 - CP11. CP11 is a GSM-phone with big buttons and minimum functions. This is the third device model launched by Just5.

With the first mobile phones presented at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 (CP09 and CP10) Just5 sold more units than any other international brand offering similar cell phones. During the first half a year Just5 sales results reached Apple iPhone sales volume in the main Russian retail chains and numbers several tens of thousands of devices.  In the year 2009 Just5 became one of the fastest-growing telecommunication brands in Russia.

Key element of the new Just5 CP11 is a very special screen. Comparing to the previous model the display got bigger: 2.2 inch. against 1.6 inch in CP10 model. But the main feature is not the size, but the location of the screen. When you press orange buttons on the both sides of the phone, the screen "jumps out" of the device' body. Now Just5 CP11 is the only one device equipped with such innovative screen and Orbita Telecom is a patent owner. Also the mobile device is equipped with a weather sensor, organizer, expanded menu and a cradle.

The product will arrive to the Russian mobile market in Q3 2010. Company also works with multiple partners worldwide to bring CP11 to mobile operator’ subscribers in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

More about Just5 mobile phones
The Just5 telephones were originally developed for the elderly people and children, because of the following functions:
- large numbers on the buttons (large buttons and large symbols on the display)
- loud dynamic with loud voice regime
- SOS buttons (calls to programmed numbers)
- the device is blocked by the slider and not buttons
- large letters in the user's manual

Special attention is paid to the device stylistics. The design, company logo, package set started from scratch answering the target group needs. Focusing on the unique and recognizable appearance, Just5 is notable for its quality. During last 6 month there were only 3 restitutions among several tens of thousands of devices. Even Nokia phones, known for its stability, can't demonstrate such quality.

Just5 became famous also among teenagers and students because of its excellent and remarkable design. It occupied a niche of inexpensive, stylish gifts and funny accessory.

Video demonstration of Just5 CP11:

Just5 CP11 photo in high-resolution is available:

Just5 are available for test purpose. Please contact our representative for further information:

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About Just5 brand.
Just5 – mobile phones with big buttons and minimal functionality (just calls, SMS and time/alarm). Just5 mobile phones are specially designed for the elderly people, children and persons with limited abilities. Another popular scenario of using Just5 phones – second (reserve) mobile phone, mobile phone just for vacation or not expensive, but very funny gift for friends and relatives.

Just5 brand is established in 2009 by Moscow based company “Orbita Telecom”, working in telecommunication industry since 2006. “Svyazinvest” and other Russian large telecom corporations are among clients of the company. Since 2008 “Orbita Telecom” has been developing its own mobile phone products line. Just5 business is managed from offices located in Russia, Latvia, China, Italy and USA. These offices in different countries are responsible for business with local carriers and national mobile phone distributors /retailers. Chinese office of Just5 is responsible for the products design and manufacturing. The headquarter of Just5 is located in Moscow, Russia.

The key point of Just5 mobile phones is unique original design and ergonomics. All the devices are designed from the scratch focusing on usage by elderly people, children and persons with limited abilities. The visual design and ergonomics is made by leading designers and mobile phones engineers from USA, China and Russia. The manufacturing of Just5 products is located in China, but assembling is made under strict control of European and American management. Just5 mobile phones are based on MTK and Infeneon platforms.

The functionality of Just5 phones is very simple, basic, the phone is easy to understand and operate by elderly people, children and persons with limited abilities. At the same time Just5 simple phones don’t look like cheap phones. Small functionality in amazing design – this is the basic principle of Just5 product development.

Due to original and stylish design Just5 phones went out of the target users group – the phones are widely used by teenagers, young people, many people use Just5 phones as second device, as a temporary device for vacation. Quite often Just5 phones are bought as not expensive, but quite original gift to relatives and friends. The gift that doesn’t look cheap and has very high “wow” factor! Just5 phones became fun-accessories for everybody.

Just5 is:
•       Five phone numbers for emergency SMS/calls
•       Five advantages against similar competitive products (big buttons, big fonts on the screen, easy to understand menu, SOS-button, monochrome display)
•       Five color variants
•       Fine target users groups (elderly people, children, persons with limited abilities, fans of fun gadgets, security agencies)

Just5 sales started in Europe in Q1 2009. Later (Q3 2009) sales started in USA and Russia. The sales are permanently expanding – at the moment Just5 is negotiating with several carriers in USA, Canada and Latin America countries.
Main partners of Just5 in Europe are large retailers (Maxima, Elkor), mobile phone retail chains, drugstores, mobile carrier stores (in particular Vodafone, Beeline, Megafone).
The interesting fact is that within first 3 months of sales in big retail chain ION (Russia) Just5 won Apple iPhone in sales volumes. Many buyers visit ION stores just to buy Just5 phones, that were named by sales shop assistants as “anti-iPhone” or “grandy phone”.

Another interesting fact is level of warranty cases for Just5 phones. It’s around 0,01% of total sales volume which is much less than for Nokia phones. The warranty policy of Just5 is simple – the company doesn’t repair broken phones, Just5 just replace it by new ones.

Within 2010 - 2011 Just5 plans to expand the product line introducing five new models (including one with CDMA standard). Main accent of new models will be the same as in current product line: very simple functionality, very easy to use and understand, original stylish design. Just5 plan to announce models of original form-factors not presented on the market at the moment.