New DVB Link Server Network Pack Allows TV Streaming over the Internet

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Catch up with your favourite sports/TV programmes whilst away from home by connecting to DVBLink Server through your normal Internet browser. Perfect for those World Cup BBQs!! 

London, UK, 9th June 2010, DVBLogic, the unique provider of digital TV integration and connectivity solutions for Microsoft Windows Media Center, has announced the release of DVBLink Server Network Pack v3. 

The new DVBLink Server Network Pack v3 now features the ability to stream your TV channels over the internet to mobile devices like laptops and netbooks. Simply connect to your DVBLink Server computer at home via the internet using a regular browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Google Chrome. Video will be broadcast in Windows Media Format: You can then watch DVBLink TV channels on any Windows computer without the need to install additional audio or video decoders. It is now possible to watch TV on your laptop away from home - in the garden, whilst travelling and anywhere you can get a connection to the internet. The opportunities are endless. 

The channels available from the DVBLink Server are presented in an easy to navigate manner. The displayed webpage shows the embedded Windows MediaPlayer which starts playing back a channel after its selection from the channel list. The channel can be played in full screen mode. To ensure the best viewing experience, options can be selected to balance video quality and the available bandwidth. There is also the option to select the audio language. The DVBLink Server can support simultaneous playback of the same channel on up to 4 external clients. 

DVBLink software bridges the gap between most types of PC TV tuner hardware, EPG guides and IPTV, and works with practically every Windows multimedia application. It is particularly good at integrating with Windows Media Center. DVBLink TVSource allows you to watch television on a single PC. When you install DVBLink TVSource in combination with DVBLink Server Network Pack on a server computer that has a tuner card in it, you can view TV on several computers or other devices stationed around the house. Watch your favourite TV channels in Windows MediaCenter, running on network computers, on UPNP-enabled clients such as Sony PlayStation 3, on net books and laptops running Windows 7, and on XBox 360.

DVBLogic - TV that's always with you. 

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Price and Availability: 

DVBLink Server Network Pack needs DVBLink TVSource to be installed and running on the server PC at home. 

DVBLink TVSource and DVBLink Server Network Pack v3 are available for £22 each inc VAT. For any special bundle pricing or to purchase please visit: 

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About DVBLogic: 

In the last decade, the convergence of computing and home TV/Audio entertainment technologies has led to rapid changes in the way in which we all listen to Audio or view Video programmes at home as well as in a work environment. The ultimate aim is now to have the ability to view/listen to digital content anytime and anywhere (‘on-demand').

DVBLogic was founded in 2007 to ‘bridge the gap' between third party hardware and Windows MediaCenter to allow streaming of digital content (TV - including HD, Satellite, Cable or terrestrial; Audio incorporating 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound) to remote devices for playback. Since its foundation, DVBLogic has introduced products for use with many manufacturers, including Hauppage; Pinnacle; Technotrend; and Dreambox. 

Founders Pavlo Barvinko and Sasha Bublyk both graduated at Kiev University in 1995 with Masters Degrees in Applied Physics and Electronics.