Launch of “ICY VISION” – VGA Cooler

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“Overclock your Fermi GTX 480 and lower your GPU temperature!”

Compatible to ATI™ HD4850/ HD4870 / HD4890 / HD5850 / HD5870 & Nvidia™ 9800GT / 9800GTX
GTS250 / GTX260 / 275 / 280 / 285 / GTX465 / GTX470 & GTX480


Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions unveils its multi-compatible VGA Cooler “ICY VISION”
of its GAMER product line. The “ICY VISION” cooler contains 5 power heatpipes in a unique heatpipe constellation. The
heatpipes are interlaced into 85 optimized high-quality Aluminium fins. Together with a flat stack fin
soldered Copper base, they enable the most efficient heat transmission and dissipation from GPU
core in its class.

Besides the heatsink, two 92mm UV-reactive fans with 11 blades in S-shape generate 20% more air
flow than traditional fans. The fan contains a high-quality ball bearing to ensure a longer lifetime in
high temperature environments. The “ICY VISION” is both CrossFire and SLI compatible on a number of cards. Ram and Voltage Regulator Module cooling components as well as the high performance GC-2 thermal compound
are included in the package.

“We have spent over 1 year developing our first VGA cooler. So much thought has gone into creating
this product that we hope overclockers will be as excited as I am about the ICY Vision,“ said Gebhard
Scherrer, co-founder and Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

The “ICY VISION” VGA cooler is available by end of June 2010 and has a MSRP of USD 55 or
Euro 46.  This cooler is RoHS, WEEE conform and carries a 5 year warranty.