The gift of Pacsafe® iPad security

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Anti-theft bag and backpack makers offer perfect Christmas gift accompaniment

With the iPad set to be topping Christmas wish lists this year and electronic gadgets following a close second, Pacsafe’s smart anti-theft bags are the perfect Christmas gift accompaniment. They make sure that the gift of an iPad stays with your loved until the next, yearly upgrade. With Pacsafe’s secure, anti-theft bags in a variety of sizes, they’ll be something to keep everyone happy this year.
The iPad and tablet craze won’t just be on every teen, tween and kid wish list, it spans gender and generations. Gone are the traditional gifts of socks, ties, perfume and books. This Christmas, it’s all about the iPad, tablets, Kindles and electronic gadgets. Jeremy Fennell at DSGi said: "There is no doubt the iPad is going to be the number one Christmas gift this year ... with even more accessories launching it's only going to make a must-have technology even more attractive."

Unfortunately, with the economy still not fully recovered, the temptation to steal iPads and similar gadgets will be on the increase. It’s an unfortunate inevitability given the lack of supply and huge consumer frenzy. Let’s just hope iPad theft won’t surpass the current laptop theft statistics, which have hit a staggering 12,000 a week in the US alone.

For this festive season Pacsafe’s secure bags will keep your gift secure with their range of iPad friendly bags and backpacks that prevent pickpockets, bag snatchers, slashers and would-be iPad thieves from making off with this years’ most desired gadget. Each bag has slashproof straps, patented eXomesh® wire slashguards in addition to other security features such as, smart zippers, clips and hooks,

For the smart, young executive The metrosafe™ 300 offers a fully padded compartment for iPads and tablets or 13” laptops. The smart internal organisation features keeps all your belonging where they should be. The added security of a built-in combination lock lets you lock your bag to a secure fixture.

A fashionable, laid back, young looking alternative is the venturesafe™ 300 in cool conservative Black or outdoorsy, rugged Hemlock Green. The fresh design of this bag offers extra convenience in a slim style.
For backpack options check out the metrosafe™ 350 or stylishly streamlined meshsafe™ B100. The removable padded sleep and built-in combination lock give this bag and electronic gadgets dual protection.

students and creative-minds alike will love the messenger style bags especially the meshsafe™ M100. The smart contrast piping and detailing create a young, urban look whilst the Venturesafe™ 400 offers a laid-back rugged bag with a convenient headphone port.

You can purchase Pacsafe and find a full list of retailers on: www.pacsafe .com

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What is eXomesh®?
Our eXomesh® patented anti-theft technology is found in most of our smart products. It’s a strong, lightweight, flexible, high-tensile, stainless steel, slashproof wire mesh which is used in our smart travel gear as:
• eXomesh® cage system: Locks closed and locks to a secure fixture with a heavy duty locking device. The eXomesh® is either externally fitted to bags or laminated between fabric to form a bag.
• eXomesh® slashguards: our stainless steel wire mesh is built discreetly into areas targeted by bag slashers, like the bottom and side panels.

Slashproof Carrysafe™ straps Our adjustable Slashproof Carrysafe™ straps are reinforced with a lightweight, flexible, high-tensile stainless steel wire which prevent opportunistic bag slashers from slicing through your bag strap and running off with your gear.

Smart ‘Turn & Lock’ Hooks™ - These small smart devices pack a whole lot of intelligence. The hook unfastens so that you can fasten your bag to a secure fixture, be it the leg of a table or around a palm at a beach. What’s more, the smart hook has a special turning mechanism which actually locks the hook in to place making it harder for a bag snatcher to make an easy getaway.
Smart Zipper Security™

Pacsafe’s® concealed zipper clips make it difficult for crafty, opportunistic pickpockets to slide open your bag and steal your valuables. Hidden from view, thieves won’t know where to begin or how to get in. They also smartly attach to clips so if they are pulled, the bag won’t just slide open.