Clock-on-Tray 2010 Combines Advanced Tray Clock with PIM Features

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A new personal information manager lets users track time and manage events, tasks and notes from the system tray

Posibolt Software today introduces Clock-on-Tray 2010, a full-featured and highly customizable personal information manager that resides in the system tray. Designed to replace the Windows clock with a more functional alternative, Clock-on-Tray allows users to track time across multiple time zones, manage events, birthdays, tasks and notes, keeping a busy life organized for success.

As the name implies, Clock-on-Tray replaces the Windows system clock with a more functional widget that runs in the background. The user will discover many options to personalize the look of the clock to individual needs, style and mood. For example, one can choose to display time in a 24/12 hour format, show system uptime against current time, enable animation effects and a mechanical tic-tac sound, or play a cuckoo sound every hour. For those who have to sync their activity across different time zones, the program can display time in selected locations.

In addition to the clock functionality, Clock-on-Tray offers many features of a personal information manager that can be accessed by clicking on its tray icon. For example, the user can keep track of events, birthdays and tasks with a powerful alert system and be notified of upcoming events with a message box or a sound. What’s more, it is possible to set up tasks that will be performed automatically at a specific time. For example, the user can set the program to shut down the system, run a selected application, execute a script, or open a document.

As users go through the day, they may come across bits of information that they’d like to save for future use. Clock-on-Tray offers the tools to do it quickly and easily. Whenever users come across a text to save or an interesting idea comes to their mind, it is enough to click the Clock-on-Tray icon in the system tray and add a note or a diary entry. Finding an entry is a breeze. Users only need to enter a tag or a keyword that describes what they are looking for into the Search box, and the program will display all relevant entries instantly.

To enhance the Clock-on-Tray experience and personalize the program, the user can select a skin from the library of over 100 skins, or download one from the Posibolt website. It is also possible to extend the default functionality of the program with add-ons that are also available on the company website.

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Pricing and Availability

Clock-on-Tray 2010 is available immediately from Posibolt Software, its online shop, and through a network of authorized resellers worldwide. The full version starts at $14.95 (US). Upgrades are available for free. The program runs on Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7, including 64-bit versions.

About Posibolt Software

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