CM Storm Hits the Mark with the SF-19 Strike Force: The Complete Laptop Cooler

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CM Storm is reloading the Gaming Nation with an all-new gaming pad designed with the high-level mobile gamer in mind. The SF-19 Strike Force laptop cooler suits any gamers' need, cooling high-end widescreen laptops with 2 powerful 140mm adjustable turbine fans, so even the 19-inch high performance gamer notebook will stay cool while you heat up the network. Equipped with 4 high-speed USB 3.0 ports, the SF-19 Strike Force upgrades the gamers' computer so all accessories, like that killer headset or gaming mouse, can be enjoyed at full speed, without the fear of overheating or slow transfer rates. Combining this technology with a 7 color LED Multi-Light ShaderTM, your gaming atmosphere is now complete, and your gaming experience is enhanced to the max.

Developed with elite engineering skills, and reinforced by the highest grade materials, your SF-19 Strike Force will perform and deliver with the power and performance that have come to be associated with CM Storm, letting you focus on your game and worrying less about your laptop.

Strike Force Strength - Lightweight Durability

The SF-19 Strike Force is sturdily constructed with an expansive cold-forged polygon mesh, encompassing a vast heat-dissipating surface designed to endure critical temperatures from the largest and most resource-intensive notebooks available. Through this mesh blow two high-powered 140mm airflow turbine fans strategically positioned to remove heat from the heat source directly. The removable S-shape fan blades exhale more cold air, normalizing thermal abnormalities through fully customizable fan settings suited to the gamers' needs.

Superior anti-slip rubber holders secure all sizes of notebooks in place, even during the most intensive gaming situations. This rubber reinforcement adds shock adsorbing fortification that will protect the SF-19 Strike Force from damages under transport, and can also act as a cable management system, sorting cables from your laptop and gaming accessories for easy configuration and quick setup. Combining this with the strong and robust swift-carrying handle, your gaming environment can be easily relocated and quickly mobilized, saving the time and energy for gaming instead of troublesome reconfiguration.


Future-Proof for Worry-Free Gaming

The SF-19 Strike Force also comes equipped with 4 advanced USB 3.0 ports, that future-proof this model for the next generations of gaming laptops. Transferring data at a rate of up to 5 gigabits per second, and providing more power to USB connected devices, these ports will boost the usefulness of attached USB devices, providing more power for those high-end accessories that amplify the gaming experience and minimize the problems of data transfer that come with slower USB ports.


Setting the Mood for Gaming

Elevating the gaming ambiance, the SF-19 Strike Force is outfitted with a Multi-Light ShaderTM changing your environment to a true gaming platform. 7 changeable LED colors allow personalization of the SF-19 Strike Force to your mood, and with the embedded breathing effect of these lights, the feel and spirit of the Strike Force gaming experience is unmatched in today's gaming pad market.

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