Peer Software Launches New Software Solution to Help Growing Companies Migrate and Synchronize their Data to NetApp

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Peer Software, a global provider of enterprise file and database management solutions, today adds official NetApp storage system support to its popular Peer Collaboration Enterprise Edition (previously named FolderMaestro). Peer Software's NetApp support functionality is intended for companies with NetApp platforms working either in a "mixed" environment (NetApp and Windows) or in a NetApp-only environment.

"As companies grow, the ability to affordably store, manage, protect and retain data becomes one of the most important challenges. We are proud to launch NetApp storage system support, the first time IT adminstrators can bridge the NetApp to Windows technology gap and enable the different systems to work together seamlessly," said Peer Software General Manager Jimmy Tam.

The new NetApp support enhancement addresses the growing demands from customers for an effective enterprise class data management tool that:

a) Migrates data from an existing Windows or NetApp storage system to a new NetApp system.

b) Synchronizes data that may exist at different office sites and that may reside on different hardware to create a globally distributed "multi-master" storage environment.

To meet the demands of file collaboration across "mixed" environments, Peer Collaboration Enterprise Edition utilises the NetApp FPolicy ONTAP API to enable real-time file synchronization and file locking between Windows and NetApp systems as well as between NetApp systems only.

"With this new capability, companies can now get their NetApp implementations done faster while still connecting to legacy Windows storage in their environment. We believe this is a critical technology bridge to help them as they grow," continues Jimmy Tam.

Peer Software helps businesses collaborate via its unique enterprise Edition file-sharing and file-collaboration solution which connects any two file server types together so that all parties involved can always have a local copy without taxing WAN bandwidth.

Peer Software develops powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use file and database management software. Close to half of the current Fortune 100 companies entrust critical file management to Peer Software.

Purple Rage's Technical Director Rob Dixon says, "Peer Collaboration Enterprise allows companies to fully realise their investment in NetApp. No longer are file stores isolated from one another; NetApp filers can collaborate with one another, and data migrated between themselves and any Windows file server. This new solution from Peer is a major step forward in bringing together disparate file stores into one collaborative environment"