DVD Players, Blu-ray Players, Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs, and Gaming Consoles from Major Manufacturers Offer Secure Playback of Premium Movies in Leading DivX Format

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DivX®, a division of Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC), today announced that over 350 million DivX devices have shipped into the global market from major manufacturers, showcasing the widespread popularity of DivX as a solution to easily play back high-quality digital videos from the Internet or the PC on mainstream consumer electronics products.

Known for outstanding performance, stunning visual quality, and interoperability, DivX provides consumers a comprehensive digital media solution that supports the majority of high-quality online video. The only Internet video format widely available in consumer electronics products, DivX is integrated into virtually every kind of device capable of playing back video – from the popular PlayStation ® 3 to Blu-ray Disc players, digital televisions, and mobile devices from the most popular consumer brands. Over 7,000 individual DivX-certified models have shipped from DivX partners, with connected digital televisions and Blu-ray Disc players in particular seeing strong growth over recent months.