Solwise are pleased to introduce a compact high speed WiFi extender

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The Aztech WL556E is a palm sized High Speed Wireless-N Range Extender adapter, which
supports 802.11b/g/n, and has one Ethernet port. The WL556E looks like a HomePlug adapter,
like the HomePlug, the WL556E plugs directly into the power socket, which means you do not
need a separate power cable. The WL556E simply boosts your WiFi signal from your main router
to reach WiFi blind spots in your home. You only need to connect the WL556E once to your
computer during installation, this so that it can be configured to synchronise with your main router's
network. Once this is done the settings are stored inside the WL556E, even after it has been rebooted.

The WL556E supports 802.11n technology with up to 300Mbps data transfer rate. The WL556E
can repeat and extend the wireless signal from virtually any 802.11n wireless router or access
point. The WL556E is designed with Ralink MIMO technology, which successfully reduces dead
spots and increases throughput and network coverage within the home. The WL556E features
128-bit WEP encryption and WIFI Protected Access (WPA), WPA 2 to ensure network security and
prevent unauthorised access to your network.

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