SPB Brain Evolution becomes the first SPB product for Windows Phone 7

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SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer brings its SPB Brain Evolution game to Windows Phone 7. SPB Brain Evolution used to be the world's #1 bestselling Windows Mobile game for two years in a row. It has become extremely popular among Windows Mobile users. The demand for SPB Brain Evolution on the new Windows Phone 7 platform was great. And now it's finally launched.

SPB Brain Evolution is an intellectual mobile game that helps train the brain and improve memory, logic, arithmetic and puzzle-solving skills. It effectively combines the entertainment with the brain training. The variety of games in the set and the difficulty of some levels can capture the player's attention for a long time and make the playing process exciting and challenging.

SPB Brain Evolution for Windows Phone 7

The application features a suite of 12 mini-games, which have to be played in sequence: only if you achieve good results is the next one unlocked. The game has two modes: while the training mode prepares you for the battle the marking mode allows you to register your progress. The game also allows tracking the progress in your personal brain evolution which immediately becomes available in the form of a diagram or a score.

SPB Brain Evolution is also available on iPhone, Maemo, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms and it has already gained the popularity among the users. Now it comes to Windows Phone 7 to provide its users with a great game which is not only a real fun but is also an effective brain exerciser.


Main Features:

  • 12 exercises (including Sudoku);
  • brain marking and training modes;
  • scoring and progress tracking systems;
  • multiple user profiles;
  • cool facts knowledgebase;


Pricing and Availability

The SPB Brain Evolution for Windows Phone 7 is compatible with Windows Phone 7, and may be purchased for 4.99 USD from the Marketplace. SPB Brain Evolution is also available for smartphones running iPhone, Maemo, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms.

Further Information and Downloads

SPB Brain Evolution for Windows Phone 7
SPB Brain Evolution screenshots
SPB Brain Evolution on Marketplace

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