Cooler Master Introduces the High Air Flow Turbine Master Fan

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The unbreakable rule has now been broken. Cooler Master's Turbine Master is the company's latest 120mm high air flow fan that refutes the standard of "high air flow fan = loud". Modeled after a strong turbine engine, the Turbine Master produces a strong air flow from an ingenious16-blade design and generates unsurpassed airflow combined with a circular semi-frameless design to maximize coverage and reduce noise. The Barometric Ball Bearing (BBB) can be easily removed to provide effortless cleaning and quick maintenance.


Low R.P.M., High Air Flow

Encompassing power and speed to smoothness and efficiency, the Turbine Master is available in three speeds to suit every need. A choice among 800 R.P.M, 1200 R.P.M, and 1800 R.P.M fans are available, each embodying an extreme high air flow. With air flow as high as 80.3 CFM and sound levels as quiet as 13.83 decibels, this fan will satisfy the needs of silent and even performance systems.

Barometric Ball Bearing (BBB) Technology

Barometric Ball Bearing is a uniquely advanced technology to maintain barometric pressure in the center of the fan. Progressive barometric ball bearing technology extends the life expectancy of the Turbine Master up to 100,000 hours of use, while keeping the noise level to a soft, unobtrusive undertone.


Fan Size

120 x 120 x 25mm / 120 x 120 x 39mm

Bearing type

Barometric Ball Bearing

Life Expectancy

100,000 hours

Voltage Rating

12 V DC


123.7 g




Rubber screw x 4

Metal screw x 4

Rubber pad x 4

Molex-to 3-pin adapter x 1


800 R.P.M ± 10%

1200 R.P.M ± 10%

1800 R.P.M ± 10%

Air Flow

35.07 CFM ± 10%

56.5 CFM ± 10%

80.3 CFM ± 10%

Air Pressure

0.42 mmH20

0.91 mmH20

1.96 mmH20


13.83 dBA

21.1 dBA

30.5 dBA


0.08A (0.2A MAX)

0.19A (0.4A MAX)

0.38A (0.5A MAX)

Power Consumption

0.96W (2.4W MAX)

2.3W (3.6W MAX)

4.6W (6W MAX)


About Cooler Master

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