Introducing the new HS233 3D monitor from HANNSG

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Immerse yourself like never before

HANNSG is pleased to announce its first 3D monitor, the HS233. 3D hardware take up is predicted to be a slow process, but in contrast, 3D content is emerging thick and fast. It’s only a matter of time before 3D becomes the new HD.

3D has the backing of high profile, large budget industries renowned for driving technology adoption. Film studios, game developers and the adult entertainment industry have all embraced 3D technology. Technology pioneers, these industries have fuelled the market for previous new technologies such as; DVD, Blu-ray, the internet and high-definition, and are set to be high growth markets for 3D hardware.

The new 23” HS233 3D monitor is HANNSG’s first entry into the 3D market. Available to buy for £279 inc. VAT*, it features a generous 23” anti-glare display, accommodating a full HD friendly 1920 x 1080 native resolution (16:9 ratio), includes DVI-D, HDMI, a super wide 170º viewing angle and a dynamic X-Contrast ratio of 80,000:1.

With full HD credentials and 3D capability, the HS233 is the perfect host for the latest and indeed future, software applications. Aside from the obvious state of the art games, and blockbuster 3D movies being rolled out, the HS233 is the perfect display solutions for 3D graphics professionals and commercial studios working with all 3D disciplines, from film work and character development through to concept art and architecture. 3D software for amateurs and professional is already readily available.

The HS233 sports a technological exterior, to coincide with its state-of-the-art interior. Dressed in black, with sharp straight lines and a well formed contemporary base, the HS233 enhances any IT set up, and sits perfectly amongst the chic surroundings of the modern office.

AV specialist, HANNSG, is confident that there will be a growing desire to adopt 3D technology in the home and is fully supporting the market with research, development and future product announcements. 3D monitors are undoubtedly the ideal platform for the 3D technology to grow from, with most 3D content being PC friendly.

Available now from, RRP £279.00 inc VAT. A 3 yr on-site swap out manufacturers’ warranty is supplied as standard.

HANNSG has sold over 1 Million monitors in the UK market since 2006 and is consistently ranked as a top 5 monitor seller based on UK sales.