Krusell expand its product range with SLR/Video camera bags.

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The Swedish case manufacturer Krusell continues to expand their product range. In 2008 Krusell launched its first lines of cases for compact cameras. Now Krusell also add bags for SLR- and Video cameras to their assortment.

- With the effective price reduction on digital SLR- and video cameras in recent years we have seen a new need for bags which is not only functional but adds fashion to your outfit says Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Krusell International. The target group for these new bags is mainly the user who will bring their camera on to their city weekend trip or party along with other things you carry in your bag. Now we want to fill that space in the market.

- The new generation of photographers many times had their mobile as their first camera, and have progressed an interest for photography out of that. These younger men and women are fashion conscious and demand function in combination with an attractive design. SLR cameras are expensive so it makes good sense to protect it. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you will need a sturdy case to protect your valuable equipments he ends.

These cases will be available in three different colors at the recommended consumer price of EUR 39.90-44.99.

The cases will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona, 14-17th of February.


Krusell International AB with 130 million SEK in turnover, an annual production of over 3 million cases, and more than 500 employees is a Swedish company exporting high-end cases around the world. After close to 20 years in the cell phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for mobile phones, Krusell also produces cases for digital cameras, laptops, MP3-players, GPS and portable gaming. Moreover, Krusell is a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Honda, Toyota and LG. The headquarters of Krusell are located in Mölndal, Sweden.

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