View Quest – Retro1 – Retro DAB Radio with iPhone Dock released in the UK

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view_quest__retro1The long awaited release of the View Quest - Retro1 radio is finally here in the UK. Its design and flare really put it into a class of its own, so if you are looking for an innovative and fashionable iPhone/iPod dock  plus DAB/FM radio then look no further.

Its sleek surround and carry handle has been wrapped in high quality leather encasing it in style and luxury, something of a design piece as well as a fully functional DAB/FM radio with iPod/iPhone dock.

The Retro1 is compatible with the iPhone and latest iPods, has an AUX in for other audio sources, 10 presets for DAB/FM and an auto scan function to make searching for your favourite radio shows even easier.

It has a back lit LCD screen, 2 x 1.5 Watt speakers giving ample volume of sound and also has a battery life of 15 hours to listen on the go.

Here at View Quest we are proud to announce the Retro1’s arrival to the UK and feel its classic design and competitive price will make it stand alone in the ever increasing digital radio market place.  Product Manager Chris Mole commented  ‘…we wanted something retro without simply being a reproduction, retro is very cool but it had to have a View Quest spin on it.’

Available now from:

*More colours coming soon