Snuko and Krusell launch their partnership at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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Snuko UK Ltd, 100% subsidiary of Snuko PLC will be showcasing their Anti-Theft and Data recovery software with Krusell on Krusell’s stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The launch at the World Mobile Congress will see Krusell promote Snuko’s Ant-theft and Data Recovery software with their bag and mobile case ranges. Every Krusell customer purchasing a bag or case will also be offered to download Snuko’s Anti Theft and Data recovery software to their electronic device, therefore not only protecting the customers hardware but also their data on their laptop or mobile phone.

Krusell will be promoting the partnership in the retail market with displays and leaflets in stores along side their product ranges. With thousands of stores globally selling Krusell’s products this partnership will create several million potential customers for Snuko in the coming years.

“Yet another milestone has been achieved with this partnership and we are very pleased to see that customers buying Krusell products throughout the world will now also be given the opportunity to download a free version of the Snuko Anti Theft and Data Recovery software to their electronic device. This is one of our many ways of marketing our products and services where the retail market will be made aware of the Snuko brand. We are very happy to be associated with a strong a brand name such as Krusell and we have very high expectations for this partnership” says Carlos H Benvenuti, CEO of Snuko PLC.

Ulf Sandberg, CEO of Krusell says: Our cooperation with Snuko underlines what our business is all about; to ensure that our customer’s electronic devices always are secure. Anyone who has lost their device knows the feeling of helplessness that overwhelms you. This unique offer, gives all consumers a chance not only to protect their device physically in their day to day life, but also a chance to retrieve their device and their valuable information if the accident happens against all expectations.

You can visit Krusell and learn more about the Snuko partnership at the Mobile World Congress, Stand 7E68, Hall 7, App planet.

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Snuko PLC (Wiener Borse: SNU) is the holding company of Snuko UK Ltd, a London based security-and IT company, specialising in securing computer’s and mobile phones as well as crucial data from loss or theft. With operations in the US and Europe, Snuko is focusing on innovative security solutions that protect against loss and theft of internet enabled devices and data. Our customers are individual computer and mobile phone users, corporate enterprises, as well as third party software vendors. Our mission is to provide our users with the most effective, sophisticated and user friendly theft protection for computers and mobile phones, with the least amount of complexity, thus ensuring: Secured hardware, Secured software and data, reduced administration and business continuity despite loss of computer or mobile phone.

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Krusell International AB with 130 million SEK in turnover, an annual production of over 3 million cases, and more than 500 employees is a Swedish company exporting high-end cases around the world. After close to 20 years in the mobile phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for mobile phones, Krusell also produces cases for digital cameras, laptops, MP3-players, GPS and portable gaming. Moreover, Krusell are also a subcontractor to Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Honda, Toyota and LG. The headquarters of Krusell are located in Mölndal, Sweden.