Join the offline map revolution with ForeverMap 2.1

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 skobbler, specialist developer of map-based apps and creator of the first free sat nav app for the iPhone, has today announced the next generation of its popular offline mapping application.  With ForeverMap 2.1, skobbler is leading the offline map revolution and changing the way that maps are used on mobile devices by driving the map app market with constant improvements and updates to its fully comprehensive mapping solution.

As a result of skobbler’s commitment to progress and development, ForeverMap 2.1, for use with the iPhone, iPad and iPod, has been significantly enhanced to improve the user experience with more fluid maps, greater detailed zoom levels, and a more visually appealing display. It benefits from a new precise search algorithm resulting in improved orientation, as well as a number of new features that have been created to simplify navigation of the application and to deliver an effortless user friendly interface. For example, the new ‘Category Wheel ‘,  which is now the main interface for local searches, makes gaining information about restaurants, hotels,  and other points of interest much more accessible.

ForeverMap utilises the outstanding mapping data provided by OpenStreetMap which is compressed and installed to be readily available without an internet connection. ForeverMap 2.1, in addition to extensive interface and management feature upgrades, benefits from a major OpenStreetMap update which provides the most current and well informed location information from a staggering collection of first hand researchers that have a passion for orientation. ForeverMap 2.1 users enjoy continuous, free map updates from the OSM mapping enthusiasts for life.

ForeverMap is designed to be extremely flexible, in that it lets the user decide which mapping data they wish to download according to their requirements. Users can choose to select and download full map data of individual countries (including all respective city maps) from a comprehensive collection of European maps. skobbler has significantly improved the map download in ForeverMap 2.1 by making it possible for users to select a number of countries/cities to download at once.
skobbler proves time and time again that it is committed to providing mobile device users with the most up to date, cutting edge mapping technology. The launch of ForeverMap 2.1 demonstrates skobbler’s ability to propel the mapping market forward.

“ForeverMap 2.1 is a major step forward in map app development”, says Marcus Thiekling, skobbler. “We have two main goals. One is to provide the best mapping product on the market. Two is to always be one step ahead of our rivals. skobbler is a company of action and we are certain that our determination and our knowledge of the mapping app market has already carved a top spot for us and a product that is stimulating the market. Our customers enjoy a product for life and an on-going relationship with us, which in turn provides us with invaluable feedback on how to improve and satisfy the mapping market’s needs.”

ForeverMap has long been established in the mapping app market. New entrants to the market, such as industry giants Apple, are underlining the significantly increasing popularity of mapping on a mobile device. skobbler's application sets itself apart by providing data offline, which it believes is the future of digital mapping as it ensures data access anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of online access, and is the main focus of the company's development strategy.

ForeverMap has consistently achieved high app chart positions in the US, UK and Germany. Its popularity provides skobbler with an ever increasing customer base that contributes to the future developments of the application helping to secure its leading position in the mapping application market.

“Our prominence in the market of map-based applications is becoming greater and is creating a snow ball effect on product development”, commented, Marcus. “skobbler is gaining an enviable reputation, helping us to expand into new territories. We are very proud that ForeverMap 2.1 has made a debut in North America and we already have our sights on additional major locations for our product.”

ForeverMap 2.1 is the perfect travel companion and the last map you’ll ever need!

Key Features:
·         Install and uninstall individual countries to and from your iPod, iPad or iPhone
·         The first viable, portable digital map solution for iPod and iPad users without 3G
·         No data connection required - avoid drop-off data lossand enjoy no roaming charges abroad
·         All offline: search, location finder and route calculation
·         Electronic tour guide with offline wikipedia information and references on places of interest and landmarks