Paragon Software Group Launches Next-generation Slovoed Engine 3.0 to Power Lightning-fast Reference Applications at the London Book Fair 2011

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Fast, feature-rich compression technology turns volumes of paper editions into compact low-memory applications for smartphones and destop PCs showcased at Stand Y750 in the Digital Zone

i4_all_iconsParagon Software Group, the leading developer of multi-platform software applications for mobiles and computers, is pleased to announce that its presence at the London Book Fair 2011, the world's leading spring publishing event, coincides with the launch of its powerful new Slovoed technology, the proprietary compression engine that powers the hundreds of reference applications developed by the company since 1994.  Publishing giants such as Berlitz Publishing, Duden Language Technology, Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., HarperCollins Publishers Limited, Langenscheidt KG, Merriam-Webster Inc., and PONS GmbH, among others, have employed Paragon Software's Slovoed technology to galvanize their lexical databases into lightweight applications that can be accessed quickly and easily on desktop computers and mobile devices of all types.  The Slovoed technology makes it possible for publishers to offer their titles for all available platforms - desktop, mobile or web-based - broadening appeal to a range of consumers while also decreasing project time-to-market. 

With even the smallest of dictionaries averaging 30,000 word entries, Paragon's proprietary Slovoed technology is crucial in creating applications capable of being stored on relatively low storage capacity mobile devices.  Compressing lengthy dictionary content and converting it to a compact electronic format, the engine enables blazing fast definition lookup and powers a range of additional built-in learning tools and features - like sound modules, self-testing functions and language quizzes, and complex "wildcard" searches - which are vital to publishers that want to offer the fullest array of features to next-generation users.  The technology has been a revolution in reference computing with advanced elements such as enriched word recognition, which prompts the application to bring up correct definitions even when the word is written in non-basic form, such as with irregular verbs or plural forms.  

"The array of software features available through the use of Slovoed 3.0 truly distinguishes our offerings from others currently on the market," says Alexander Zudin, CEO of Paragon Software Group.  "One of the highlights of the engine is that it's the same for any of our offerings, making the development process highly efficient.  Once we create an app for one platform, cost of development and time to market for subsequent applications based on the same title are severely decreased.  Typically, cross-platform programming is incredibly complex, which is why Slovoed was specifically created to work on a range of different platforms right out of the box - whether it's a proprietary desktop operating system, Android, iOS or any other mobile platform." 

Slovoed 3.0 New Features:  

  • Easy copy-and-paste functions copy words to the clipboard for translation.
  • Contextual menu (Translate, Morphology Module, Pronounce).
  • Improved browsing capabilities through word list and Search History.
  • Search for anagrams.
  • Multitasking support.
  • Enhanced customization options allow you to modify animated menus and choose background colors.
  • Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort. 

ipad_600Other SlovoEd 3.0 Functions for Effective Search, Translation & Learning:

  • List of similar words in case of misspelling.
  • Morphology module to translate words in any grammatical form (for English, French, Spanish, and Russian dictionaries).
  • Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use "?" and "*" symbols to replace the missing letters.
  • Audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers (available for Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish languages).
  • Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish. 
  • Search History can be browsed through or deleted in full.
  • Hyperlinks between articles and directions.
  • No Internet connection required.

Representatives from Paragon Software Group will be available to speak to potential publishing partners about efficient methods in bringing paper-edition titles to the digital market. Paragon Software Group will be located in the Digital Zone, Stand Y750

The re-design of the Slovoed engine includes new database tools and modules that will continue to keep the company's leading edge in developing reference applications for the world's most prominent publishers.  The new engine will help the company produce applications with more features, flexibility, power and speed, enabling even more people to access elite reference information in an instant, wherever they are in the world. 

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