Synology® Launches VisualStation VS80

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Power-saving and Easy-to-use Surveillance Station Live View Companion

Synology® Inc. today launched Synology VisualStation VS80, an energy-efficient and easy-to-use VGA output device which allows users to view live feeds and recorded events of up to 9 IP cameras managed by a Synology Surveillance Station.

The VS80 is powered by an upgraded digital signal processor (DSP), delivering more robust image decoding performance while consuming minimal power which is 5.2 watts in operation.

Connected to a LCD monitor or TV directly, the VS80 offers 9-channel concurrent live-view in a multi-screen wall format, which enhances the efficiency of monitoring IP cameras for large-scale deployment. Supporting MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264 compression formats, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and audio recording cameras, the VS80 allows users to exploit various functionalities. Users can also view archived videos on Timeline event player and mount snapshots to connected USB storage devices. All of these powerful features can easily be controlled with a USB mouse and no complex training is required.

"The VS80 reduces the operational cost significantly and fits well in the environment where only monitoring is required. With the addition of this live-viewing appliance to the versatile advanced surveillance features which run on Synology DiskStation and RackStation, Synology now can fulfill users' needs for specific applications," commented Peter Chen, product manager of Synology Inc.


The Synology VisualStation VS80 is now shipping globally.

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