NEW MAGIX MP3 Deluxe 17

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mp3_deluxe_17The software for everyone who loves music! 

MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of MP3 Deluxe 17. 

MAGIX MP3 deluxe 17 is the perfect MP3 program for your digital music! Flawless sound, quick search and sort functions, thousands of web radio stations, compatibility with all standard devices coupled with an improved functional diversity and flexibility make MP3 deluxe 17 unique. 

Play and convert music or easily change and clean up ID3 tags with your mouse. With MP3 deluxe 17 it is easy to add new songs to your collection every day by using the integrated music browser with a download function to download new songs from websites or record web stations with ease. MP3 deluxe 17 also lets you arrange your music according to its sound characteristics to find songs, artists and albums even faster. 


  • Automatically arranged playlists for any mood: happy, sad excited, etc
  • Mini player, handy and space saving with access to all important functions
  • Even more web radio stations - listen and record (includes timer function)
  • Modern user interface with many improvements to details
  • Navigate your music with your fingers: muffin Vision now available with touch mode

Price & Availability: 

MAGIX MP3 Deluxe 17 is available as a download only for SRP £39.99 inc VAT from

About MAGIX: 

MAGIX is a leading international provider of high-quality software, online services and digital contents for multimedia communications. Since 1993, MAGIX has been developing leading technologies for creation, editing, management and presentation of photos and graphics, videos and music. Internationally, MAGIX operates from branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The product range is targeted towards laymen and professionals alike and goes beyond the PC range to include seamlessly integrated online and mobile applications. 

According to its retail sales figures, MAGIX leads in the multimedia software sector in Germany and the most important European markets, and is one of the most successful competitors in the USA. Fifteen years of market presence as well as one thousand awards worldwide testify to the company's power of innovation Music, photo, and video software from the market leader - MAGIX 

15 years MAGIX - 15 years innovation with passion