Cooler Master Launches NotePal LapAir

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NotePal LapAir is specially designed for use at work, home and on the go


Cooler Master announces the release of the new NotePal LapAir, which is the ideal notebook cooler for use at work, travel or at home. It has an ergonomically tilt design for comfortable typing, and also has a rear intake exhaust system to help keep your notebook cool and a prolonged the lifespan of your notebook.

Multi-purpose solution for work, home or travel

The NotePal LapAir features an anti-slip rubber mat to keep your notebook steady. It features a small padding solution on the underneath so you can comfortably use it as a lap desk as well, perfect for use while travelling on a plane, bus, or even as a passenger in a car. The tilted angle of the LapAir will also help ease the position of your arms while typing, making it ergonomically feasible for prolonged computing at your desktop, on the go, or even on the couch in the living room.

Quick release fan cover for easy cleaning

The NotePal LapAir is made for easy maintenance, featuring a quick release metal mesh fan cover that can be effortlessly removed in order to clean the fan inside. This makes it easy to remove dust and debris without any tools, helping to keep your NotePal LapAir functioning properly while also minimizing the discomfort caused by dust buildup in the air flow.