Honestech announces VHS TO DVD™ 5.0

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vhs_to_dvd_5.0_hd_3dHonestech's VHS to DVDTM HD integrated software and hardware solution enables novices and professionals alike to create, edit and archive movies in HDTV and Blu-Ray DVD's

Honestech, Inc., a leading developer and marketer of digital video and Internet Protocol (IP) software technology for multimedia content has released VHS to DVDTM 5.0 HD. The VHS to DVDTM 5.0 HD easily converts your VHS, BetaMax, VHS-C and other analog and digital video to DVD or Blu-ray format. The VHS to DVDTM 5.0 HD includes USB 2.0 video capture device, USB cable and RCA cables included for competitive price of MSRP £34.99

The new VHS to DVD 5.0TM HD has received certification from the Blu-ray consortium and supports high definition video editing up to 1080p, and features backward compatibility to VHS/NTSC formats helping you "unlock your memories and secure them for years to come." Integrated YouTubeTM uploading, DVD and Blu-ray support enable easy sharing of your video files.


VHS to DVD 5.0TM HD is perfect for both novices and professionals alike. The software offers tools to edit and produce quality video files easily, while saving priceless home videos in sharp and crystal-clear DVD quality. With just a few clicks anyone can easily transfer HDV, VHS, Beta, or other videotapes to DVD or Blu-ray, using the step-by-step pictorial instructions that guide the user through the easy wizard mode.  This is one of the first solutions to support Blu-ray Authoring and Burning on Blu-ray Discs. Advanced scene editing tools allow users to record movies, delete commercials or unwanted scenes, and easily add special effects, titles and chapter menus.



Honestech VHS TO DVDTM 5.0 is available now from Amazon, PC World and Play at MSRP £34.99 inc


About Honestech, Inc.

Honest Technology Inc. is a premier supplier of digital video and audio communication and entertainment solutions. Founded in 1998, as a pioneer of real-time MPEG encoding/decoding software technologies, the company's vision is to bring high-quality digital video and audio into users' daily lives by transforming the way video and audio are captured, delivered and experienced.

For more information about Honestech please visit www.honestech.com.