Solwise Press Release - Battery Powered 3G Router - Create your own hotspot!

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Solwise are pleased to announce the latest addition to their 3G Router
range. The 3G-183n has a high capacity LI-ON battery and a built in modem. You simply insert
your SIM card into the SIM slot, use the simple set-up and you can then share the 3G
connection via the 11n WiFi access point.

The 3G-183n has a Fail-over backup mechanism to ensure your network connectivity. It has
a one touch WPS button for secure wireless network connection.

The Router is self-contained so there is no need for a separate power adapter or external USB
modem for Internet connection.  As long as there is 3G signal, you can create your own hotspot
wherever you are!.  You can get your computer, iPad, gaming gear, smart phone, photo
frame online in minutes.

The 3-183n uses cutting-edge Green WLAN "Active-ECO" technology, which controls,
automatically, the power consumption in accordance with WLAN and Ethernet activities, there is
no setting up or push-button required.

Whether your requirement is for in-car Internet, campus network access,  Internet activities
at trade shows or just a home network where ADSL does not reach, the '183n' helps you
establish the Internet connection in minutes.

For further information on Solwise and the product range, or to request a unit for review
please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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