Plustek Launches Two New Book Scanners

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New models reinforce company's commitment to the book scanning market

Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices (including portable scanners, sheetfed/flatbed scanners and photo scanners), has launched two new book scanners.

The OpticBook 3800 and OpticBook 4800 offer a cost effective, simple, innovative solution for scanning books, magazines and bound materials. Using Plustek's patent pending SEE (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology, the OpticBooks can scan any book without the book spine shadow and distorted text associated with book scanning on flatbed scanners.

The OpticBooks includes everything you need to create searchable PDFs from your books, magazines and bound materials. The bundled book scanning and creation software is also easy to use and it guides the user through the scanning process, making the scanners affordable solutions for business and home users, libraries, copy rooms, students, teachers, universities, law offices, publicists and anyone that wants to turn books, magazines and other bound material into PDF files.

OpticBook 3800
The Plustek OpticBook 3800 is a cost effective book scanner that is great for book or magazine scanning at home or in an office. It will scan an 8.5 x 11" page in under 10 seconds. The included Book Pavilion software lets you convert your magazines or books to PDF format so they can be used on your iPad, Kindle, Nook or any other eReader. The OpticBook 3800 scans at resolutions up to 1200dpi, so it also makes a great scanner to use for photo scanning or even scenography.

OpticBook 4800
The Plustek OpticBook 4800 is also an 8.5 x 11" book scanner that scans at resolutions up to 1200dpi. It also features Book Pavilion software that makes scanning books and magazines fast and easy. Scanned materials can be used on any electronic reader or computer. The major difference between the OpticBook 3800 and OpticBook 4800 is the scan speed.

The OpticBook 4800 can scan an 8.5 x 11" book page in just 3.6 seconds! This fast scan speed and 2,500-page/day duty cycle makes this scanner suitable for office use but it is priced to make it attractive to home users too. Another difference is the OpticBook 4800 uses an LED light source, so there is no warm up time when the scanner is turned on. And yes, the OpticBook 4800 can also be used for scenography.