Solwise: WiFi hotspot in your pocket!

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Solwise are pleased to announce the introduction of an exciting new WiFi
hotspot product. The 3G-A10 is a pocket sized, battery powered, 3G WiFi router which
incorporates the 3G modem. Just insert your 3G data SIM - no dongle required. A quick setup
and your router starts sending your 3G broadband as a shared WiFi connection for up to 20
users. It works with any standard size 3G SIM from any provider.

The A10 is a full function WiFi router which includes WEP, WPA and a built-in firewall for
security. The A10 has 11n 2.4GHz with WiFi speeds up to 150Mbps. Battery charging is via
mini-USB (cable supplied) or via an optional USB power adapter.

The lightweight and compact size make this an excellent router for travelling - just slip it in
your top pocket and you are off!

About Solwise

Founded in 1991, Solwise Ltd. is a UK based Distributor of telecoms and computer products. 
In addition to our attractively priced range of high quality Home Networking, Wide Area WiFi,
Home WiFi, ADSL, and HomePlug adapters, we stock a number of interesting specialist items.