Easily Eliminate Desktop Cable Clutter with Henge Docks!

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Enables clean MacBook integration into a desktop setup or home theatre system

Computers Unlimited, Europe’s leading distributor for everything Apple, announces the UK availability of Henge Docks. Henge Docks has created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers. This means you can quickly, easily and cleanly incorporate your MacBook computer into a desktop setup or your home theatre system, so you get the best features of a laptop, desktop and media centre PC all from one computer. The design doesn’t require any hardware, software or settings changes to your computer. Every current MacBook is compatible with one of the Henge Docks. There is even a Henge Dock for prior versions as well.  For example, for 13 & 15” MacBooks, there is a version for any machine from late 2008 to mid 2009 and for 17” MacBook from mid 2009 to 2010.

Each Henge Dock model is designed for a specific type of MacBook computer. Included with each dock is a full complement of custom USB, Ethernet, Audio cables and in some models Firewire cables, designed to work with the Henge Dock system.

The Henge Dock, MacBook docking system reuses a customer’s existing Apple supplied MagSafe power source and Mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Setting up a Henge Docks unit is straight forward, allowing you to select only the cables you need making docking and undocking the computer as easy as possible.

Price and Availability:

Henge Docks are available from Amazon.com & Prontonica.co.uk in a range of sizes to suit all MacBooks at the following SRPs:


13" - £59 inc.

15" - £69 inc.

17" - £79 inc.


About Henge Docks:

Henge Docks, LLC created the first line of truly comprehensive docking stations for Apple's current crop of notebook computers. They are based in Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC and feature a continually expanding portfolio of computing accessories.



About Computers Unlimited:

Computers Unlimited (CU) is Europe’s #1 distributor specialising in products and accessories for everything Apple, the Digital Home, and Creative Professionals. CU is headquartered in London with operations in Paris and Barcelona. We source software, IT hardware and consumer electronics worldwide, and supply more than 4,000 partners throughout the UK & Europe.
Established in 1985, Computers Unlimited (part of Janson Computers plc) has developed into a pan-European business, staffed by 190 enthusiastic professionals across 3 countries, with an annual turnover of £125 million.
We have carefully built a best of breed range of software, hardware, and accessories, sourced from more than 100 leading manufacturers including market leaders Adobe, Apple, Epson, Griffin, Incipio, Nemetschek, Sonos, Wacom, and Western Digital.
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