New Cable and Cable Adapter for Smart Phones, Tablets and Digital Cameras Ensures you Always Have the Right Connector

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With mobile phones all adopting the Micro-USB standard, ensures your old Mini-USB cables will still be useful, an industry leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts, is pleased to announce the launch of their Micro-USB to Mini-USB adapter (UUSBMUSBMF) which is set to potentially save millions of consumers throwing out their old Mini-USB.

“We recognize that a very large number of customers have hardware, especially mobile phones, that are adopting the new Micro-USB standard,” commented Senior Product Manager, Keith Rodrigues of “By supplying something as simple as this adapter, we’re saving our customers thousands of pounds in not having to buy new cables, plus the environmental impact is greatly reduced.”

With the majority of mobile phone manufacturers including the likes of Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung (among others) agreeing to adopt the new Micro-USB standard by the end of 2012, other portable devices, such as digital cameras, e-readers and MP3 players will not be far behind in moving to a unified connection. But after years of Mini-USB being the standard connector, the move will see millions of cables become obsolete in a short space of time.

The Mini-USB to Micro-USB adapter will help to limit the environmental impact of this new standard by extending the life of Mini-USB cables. This will mean there is less demand on already valuable resources such as copper, less creation of new plastics and less gas mileage for a lighter product.

In addition to this, is pleased to announce the release of a unique cable that features both Mini USB and Micro USB connectors - a convenient connectivity solution for users of common Portable Electronic Devices such as BlackBerry® and Android™ Smart Phones and Tablets, as well as digital cameras and more.

“We had feedback that people were getting frustrated having to purchase multiple cables with different connectors for their various Portable Electronic Devices, so we developed this unique cable as a convenient, cost-saving way to solve that problem” said Keith Rodrigues, Senior Product Manager for “This cable will not only save users the cost of duplicate purchases, but also eliminate the bulk and clutter of keeping more than one cable on hand for what are supposed to be convenient, ‘universal’ connections to increasingly common devices.”

Product information


The 3ft (0.91 m) USB to Micro USB and Mini USB Combo Cable (SKU: USBHAUBMB3), offers the following features:

  • Durable 3ft (0.91 m) cable length provides enough connection distance to conveniently link most devices, without being too cumbersome to carry around
  • Supports both data and power functions, enabling users to charge a PED battery or to synchronize data from the host computer USB 2.0 connection
  • Can be used with the same USB AC wall charger as would normally be used to charge both mini and micro USB devices, for added convenience and cost savings


The USBHAUBMB3 USB to Micro USB/Mini USB Combo Cable (MSRP: £6.99 GBP exc. VAT) is available for purchase from leading technology resellers including Insight, and Amazon, and is distributed

by Ingram Micro, EntaTech and Micro-P.

The UUSBMUSBMF Micro USB to Mini USB 2.0 Adapter M/F (MSRP: £3.49 GBP exc. VAT) is available for purchase from leading technology resellers including Dabs, Insight and, and is distributed by Ingram Micro, EntaTech and Micro-P. 

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