Laplink® Joins Microsoft® System Centre Alliance Programme

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Laplink® Adds Windows® 7 Migration Policy Management and Application Migration Support to System Centre.

Laplink Software, Inc. today announced that it has joined the Microsoft System Centre Alliance program by adding Windows 7 migration policy management and application migration support to System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 with PCmover Enterprise™.

When deployed within Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager 2007, PCmover Enterprise executes Windows migrations from a central management console, linking automated deployment procedures with an automated migration process that includes installed applications. PCmover includes the capability to automatically transfer user accounts, installed applications, application settings, data and other “PC personality” components, offering a complete migration experience to corporations.

“System Centre Configuration Manager support of PCmover will further strengthen Laplink as a world leader in PC migration solutions,” said Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. “We are excited to deliver this joint offering for our customers, enabling them to save more money and time in their Windows 7 migration and deployments.”

Microsoft System Centre is an easy-to-use solution for IT professionals and enterprise service teams to efficiently deploy, manage and maintain desktops, servers and other devices across an entire company’s Microsoft ecosystem.

“Adding Laplink and its PCmover product offering to the System Centre Alliance program is a big boost for customers as they will be able to further take advantage of System Centre Configuration Manager,” said Sergio Klarreich, Director of Business Development, System Centre Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft Corporation. “Laplink has a long history in the industry, especially in file transfer software, and we value their expertise in this space.”

PCmover Enterprise has already assisted a number of organizations with their Windows 7 migrations using the System Centre Configuration Manager. Initial migration project sizes have ranged from 100 to 5,000 PCs with total deployment opportunities of 5,000 to 40,000 PCs, showcasing the large scale impact PCmover can have on companies using the System Centre Configuration Manager.

“We saved countless hours in manually moving programs and user profiles. I couldn’t put a price on the time saved, no comparison by using Laplink vs. the old method,” said Headwaters, Inc. CIO Josh Crosby. “We finally built a process that when the user received their new computer/laptop, they would plug in the USB and give us a call. The whole process was completed without us even seeing the machine and it worked wonderfully. We appreciated the cost savings as well because there was little to no downtime for employees.”

System Centre Configuration Manager customers can benefit from inclusion of PCmover with improved migration efficiencies to save businesses 40%-80% in migration related costs, including less downtime and decreased helpdesk requests from its support of a broader set of migration requirements. Administrators will be able to use the PCmover Policy Module to easily support migration procedures in both managed and unmanaged PC environments, and can incur significant savings, including custom programming required to write XML-based migration scripts.

System Integrators can also benefit from support of a broader set of migration requirements, including the auto-migration of installed applications, settings, data and user accounts. This will help increase margins on Windows 7 deployment projects by exceeding SLA requirements for downtime and will decrease migration procedure design and implementation from months and weeks to a matter of days.

Laplink also recently announced a program that for less than $1 per desktop allows companies to use PCmover for in-place upgrades from XP to Windows 7, functionality that is unique to PCmover.

“Laplink solves the in-place upgrade problem,” explained Koll. “No other software does this. It’s fast, easy and affordable.”

Those interested in partnering with Laplink to implement migration projects using the System Centre Configuration Manager should contact Laplink’s Corporate Sales team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about PCmover and its unique capabilities is available at

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