Plustek Launches SmartOffice PL2550 Document Scanner

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Sheetfed and flatbed scanning greatly increases productivity

Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices (including portable scanners, sheetfed/flatbed scanners and photo scanners), has launched the SmartOffice PL2550 - a 25ppm (pages-per-minute) colour duplex document scanner that helps businesses to improve document collaboration.

The SmartOffice PL2550 is built to scan documents in any Windows application requiring frequent document and rigid card scanning with a 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF), flatbed, and 1,500 page per day duty cycle.


One-Button Press: Scan to Searchable PDF

The one-touch searchable PDF feature helps users to save documents and retrieve them at a later date simply by keying the initials of the documents. Users can also search for documents by keywords. The shortcut buttons on the SmartOffice PL2550 are fully customisable to enhance productivity and users can even scan documents and save them in various file formats by pressing a single button.


Making Process Possible and Efficient

The SmartOffice PL2550 features full colour duplex scanning of thick documents and plastic cards, such as insurance cards, credit cards, ID cards and drivers’ licenses. Owning to its sheetfed and flatbed functionality, the SmartOffice PL2550 enhances scanning speed and manages the batch scanning process intuitively.


Creating the Paperless Office

Organisations have a legal requirement to keep documents from customers such as receipts, tax refunds or application forms. Every year these documents accumulate and require more and more space, but with the SmartOffice PL2550 offices can convert physical documents into digital files for more effective storage and retrieval. The SmartOffice PL2550 makes it much easier to share documents - users can upload documents to an FTP site and share amongst colleagues or with customers.