Announcing Alpha Five Version 11 - The Standards Based “Create-Once Use- Everywhere", Rapid Database Application Development Platform with The Power To Deliver Data To Any Location, On Any Web-Enabled Device.

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Alpha Five Version 11’s unique component architecture, combined with the adoption of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, makes it possible to build data-driven Web sites and applications in a small fraction of the time taken with alternatives like PHP and Visual Version 11’s collection of grid, form, dialog, security, GIS/data mapping, calendar, charting, media and image components, along with HTML5 Web reporting, represents an unprecedented portfolio of easy-to-use “power tools” for the rapid creation of robust business applications for ANY web-enabled device, including mobile devices.

Alpha Software, leading developer of online database application solutions, in partnership with Avanquest, one of the world’s foremost software developers and publishers, announces the launch of Alpha Five Version 11. The “create-once, use-everywhere”, rapid application development platform for today’s data-driven business applications running on intranets, the web and any web-enabled mobile device.

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Alpha Five comes with a , a powerful object-oriented language and a full client and server side event model. From desktop to netbook, from tablet to smartphone, Alpha Five encourages a unified approach to information delivery over the web. With the introduction of new calendar-based scheduling support, geo-mapping capabilities, and stunning new video and image gallery components, Alpha Five now takes web application development to the next level but it doesn't stop there. V11 also offers HTML reporting, great charting capabilities and an open door policy welcoming the integration of .net components. Along with gesture support for touch-driven devices, Alpha Five Version 11 is quite simply a virtual Swiss army knife that no self-respecting web app developer should be without. We think it’s fair to say that Alpha Five Version 11 represents the future of web application development in your hands TODAY.

In these challenging economic times, it’s all about delivering robust, agile applications to market quickly and efficiently. Alpha Five v 11 lives up to its name as a rapid application development platform. This enables the client to feel more part of the process, as the developer is quickly able to respond to refinement requests etc. Whilst there can be no substitute for a comprehensive specification, Alpha Five gives the developer the peace of mind that changes don’t have to lead to the derailment of a project or budget.



New Main Features:

Support for Geographic Information Systems. The new Google Map Component allows your desktop, web, and mobile applications to link to Google Map web services. You can perform geographic searches, display points on a map, and much more. This makes it easy, for example, to add a store locator to an application, so people can find the nearest points of interest based on their current location.


Calendar Component. If scheduling is important in your application, the new calendar component is ideal. It provides a fast efficient way to work with events and dates using an intuitive calendar interface.


Video Player Component. Easily embed HTML5 and YouTube Videos into any kind of application. With the new video component, you can display videos within your applications without having to worry if Flash is available on the end device, as the component will intelligently display the video as required. This means that your videos can be hosted from virtually anywhere, including YouTube™


Image Gallery Component. The image gallery component offers an intuitive interface for displaying pictures in desktop, web and mobile applications. On mobile applications, orientation changes can be detected (and adjusted for) and touch events are also supported. The component is smart enough to detect the capabilities of each device, and seamlessly display as required.


Charting. - Alpha Five taps into the power of the .NET charting object, allowing you to easily adds charts and graphs to your reports and user interfaces, including desktop forms and web components. No 3rd party components are required.

In addition to all the above new features Alpha Five V11 also includes; an improved Quick Report Genie and a new Layout Table report to allow the easy generation of reports in HTML and Excel. This also allows users to create Linked Reports, which are even more useful than sub reports. Also included is an improved Dialog Component - The Dialog Component is a popular way to build custom web interfaces (instead of using a grid). The improved Dialog Component builder now supports repeating sections and optional Genie-assisted data binding, among many other new features. The Dialog Component is ideal for building questionnaires and forms. To help with styling, V11 also introduces then new CSS3 Style builder, which takes advantage of CSS3 features and includes attractive new component styles for building great-looking applications. In addition, it also introduces extensive animation throughout the product to make it extremely quick and easy for a developer to add animation to an application. For desktop application developers, V11 offers the ability to use more Web components on the desktop. You can use Tabbed UIs, Page Layouts, the new Dialog component, and several other components in Desktop applications, not just Grid components.

Price & Availability:

Alpha Five v11 is available from from just £218. There are also a number of bundle options available offering considerable savings on the Developer Kit, Application Deployment licenses and the new v11 feature packs.

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Since 1982, Alpha Software has been providing developers with award-winning tools that make it easy to build business applications. Today over 1 million developers and tens of millions of users rely on Alpha Software’s Alpha Five. The company is privately held, and based in Burlington, Mass. Alpha Software can be found on the Web at The Company’s blog is located at



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