Solwise 3G Dongle with external antenna connector

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Solwise 3G LP1917ESolwise are pleased to announce a useful addition to their 3G range, the Solwise
LP1917E is a provider free 3G dongle that will work with any UK or EU 3G provider. It has a Reverse
SMA socket for the 3G antenna and includes a 2dBi 3G antenna along with a desktop base/mount. You
can easily add a different external antenna to help boost the 3G connection. The LP1917E is ideal if your
existing dongle does not have an external antenna port, just swop the SIM over*.

The LP1917E supports HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS 3G in WCDMA band 2100 MHz with a maximum data
transport speed of 10Mbps for HSDPA and 5.76Mbps for HSUPA. It doesn't, however, support the older
2G/GPRS/EDGE for GSM - this product is for 3G only.

The LP1917E is Suitable for Windows systems only with drivers pre-installed on the dongle.

*SIM card is not included.

About Solwise

Founded in 1991, Solwise Ltd. is a UK based Distributor of telecoms and computer products. 
In addition to our attractively priced range of high quality Home Networking, Wide Area WiFi,
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