Paragon Software Reinforces its Support for Mac Users with the Release of 3 Products - Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5, CampTune X and Virtualization Manager for Mac

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Change volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems, migrate an entire Mac OS X environment to a virtual machine, or access NTFS volumes without restrictions -- even on the latest Thunderbolt devices!

Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, today announced the release of three solutions for Mac users working in a dual OS environment or planning to upgrade to OS X Lion – NTFS for Mac® OS X 9.5, Virtualization Manager for Mac and a beta version of CampTune X.

Recognizing users’ desire to combine dual OS environments on their Mac with NTFS and HFS+ volumes on a single drive, get full access to any NTFS volume, and transition smoothly to a virtual environment, Paragon Software has created three utilities addressing needs specific to today’s Mac users. Dual-boot systems running both OS X and Windows do not have built-in utilities for volume resizes, leading to available space shortage barriers on HFS and NTFS volumes. Attempting to retrieve data from devices using an unsupported file system is impossible without specialized drivers. Even a straightforward upgrade from an older Mac OS to the latest OS X Lion can introduce unforeseen incompatibility issues with the software.

NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5

NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 is a standalone application for dual-boot users designed to eliminate barriers between Windows and Mac operating systems, and ease data manipulation and data transfer. Simple to install, Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 adds NTFS file allocation system support to Mac OS X, including OS X Lion, allowing the operating system to access any NTFS-formatted drive. The program provides the safest and fastest way to treat data on NTFS volumes in Mac OS X, and allows partitioning operations with NTFS volumes under Mac OS X.

Key Features include:

  • Updated support of the latest OS X Lion, including 32/64-bit native mode.
  • Support for the latest Thunderbolt devices.
  • Support for extended attributes.
  • Fast volume transfer speed.
  • Full read/write access: Modify existing files, delete files and create or copy new files.
  • No limitation to maximum file/partition size (must be within Mac OS X and NTFS specifications).

CampTune X (Beta)

Many dual-boot users face the problem of resizing partitions as the amount of data – either on HFS or NTFS volumes – increases over time. CampTune X is a next-generation utility that changes volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems by adding more space to one volume at the expense of another. Simple to use, CampTune X is a native utility that adjusts volume size in a few simple clicks without the need to boot to a special environment.

Key Features include:

  • 32/64-bit native mode for OS X Lion.
  • Correctly treats OS X Lion special volume.
  • Simple and convenient user interface.
  • Works directly in OS X. No need to boot a computer into a special environment.

Virtualization Manager for Mac

Upgrading to a new operating system – with potential incompatibilities between the old software and the new environment – can sometimes lead to unpredictable results. For Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard users who wish to upgrade to OS X Lion, creating a virtual clone of a physical machine in order to save an old workplace after upgrading can add some stability to the migration process. Virtualization Manager for Mac is a solution for smooth migration of an Mac OS X environment to a virtual machine, and allows users to create and run a virtual clone of a physical machine that can be used anywhere. Virtualization Manager for Mac is a standalone application that runs the virtual clone of your OS X-driven environment on another machine without loading into a special environment, or saves it for use as a backup.

Paragon’s convenient, unique utilities bridge a gap between Mac and PC, making it possible to easily treat data on diverse file systems, arrange volumes and prepare combine virtual environments. Paragon Software was the first software developer to implement a full set of drivers with complete read/write access to partitions of any file system – including Paragon NTFS for Linux, HFS+ for Linux, NTFS for Mac, ExtFS for Mac, HFS+ Browser for Windows, and ExtFS Browser for Windows. Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X and HFS+ for Windows are based on Paragon’s own unique Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology – specifically developed to provide full access (read/write, format, etc.) to volumes of the most popular file systems (NTFS, HFS+, FAT, Ext2/2FS, etc.) under various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux and DOS).


Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 is available for USD 19.95, EUR 14.95 or GBP 12.95, and can be downloaded at Owners of Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.0 may upgrade to version 9.5 for free. Paragon CampTune X is open to beta testers and can currently be downloaded for free at Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac is available for free, and can be downloaded at

All technologies are also available for licensing to manufacturers of data storage systems. For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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