Case Fans: GELID WING 12 UV Blue

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GELID wing12_front_600_400Having tested the Noctua NF-P12 case fan we didn't think there would be another fan on the market that could come close in terms of performance.  However a recent newcomer to the PC cooling market, GELID, decided to prove us wrong with the GELID WING 12 case fan.

The WING 12 is from the GELID Gamer product line of cooling components and incorporate blue UV reactive fan blades for showing off the fans, and come with a five year guarantee comparable to other top range cooling products.

The specifications of the fan are impressive, giving an airflow of 64.3 CFM at 1500 rpm with a corresponding noise level of only 25dBa (barely audible above average office/household ambient noise levels).  The fan also achieves an impressive static pressure of 1.925 mmAq (higher than the Noctua NF-P12) making it ideal for more rigourous applications such as CPU coolers and water coolers.

The fan is capable of such quiet function due to specially designed winglet fan blades and the patented Nanoflux Bearing (NFB) which uses magnetic fields to keep moving parts seperated, which in turn reduces friction and noise.
We installed the GELID WING 12 fan alongside the Noctua NF-P12 and Antec 120mm Tri-Cool fans in our Antec 1200 test rig.  The WING 12 is very easy to install using supplied silicon fan mounts that further help reduce any vibrational noise and the fan can either be directly connected to an available fan header on the motherboard or via the optional manual fan speed control system.

GELID wing12_set_6016_600_400nDuring testing the fan was very quiet (virtually inaudible) even at the highest speed using the manual speed control and easily outperformed the Antec 120mm Tri-Cool fan.  Noise levels between the Noctua NF-P12 and GELID WING 12 were comparable with the GELID fan being slightly more detectable at higher speeds, although you would have to really spend time trying to tell!

All in all the GELID WING 12 is a worthy addition to any computer build and particularly to PC modders and gamers with the choice of the two LED colours.  The capability of a high static pressure will also be of great interest to avid overclockers, allowing for better airflow over the important heat sink.  Given the five year guarantee and the potential life span of this fan we can definitely recommend the GELID Gamer Fan range.