Bluetooth Accessories: Sandberg Mini Bluetooth Dongle

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sandberg_mini_bluetooth_dongleAdding Bluetooth connectivity to your PC opens up the possibility of using a multitude peripherals and also makes connection, and therefore management, of your bluetooth enabled mobile device a much quicker and generally easier prospect.

Sandberg have recently released the Sandberg Mini Bluetooth Dongle which is a Bluetooth Class 2.0 enabled device meaning faster transfer rates (~2.1Mbit/s) and more stable connections than previous Bluetooth revisions (For more information see our article "Bluetooth implications and applications").

In contrast to other Bluetooth dongles, the size of the device has been shrunk significantly.  The device is only marginally larger than the USB plug itself, making it suitable for permanent connection to PCs or laptops without the danger of damage to the dongle and port as opposed to larger dongles than stick out a long way from the port.

Installation of the Bluetooth dongle was very straight forward and simply involved installing the packaged Widcomm driver set and plugging the Bluetooth adaptor into a free USB port.  Once installed, we tried several devices to check connection stability including a bluetooth keyboard, two Nokia phones (including use of the Nokia PC suite) and a Jabra Bluetooth headset.  Each device was easy to pair with the Sandberg Mini Bluetooth Dongle and worked flawlessly.

The device comes with a 5 Year warranty and a dedicated helpline and with this sort of aftercare and moderate price it is well worth a look.

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