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wm3_ukFor people that have not tried website design it can be quite a daunting prospect with the thought of html coding, php, flash etc probably putting most people off even starting.  However, there are a number of programs available that simplify the whole process by providing a series of html or flash based templates that can easily be edited for individual use.  MAGIX have released their new web based software "Website Maker 3" into the fray and we were eager to assess it's capabilities.

The software is flash based and provides two interfaces for designing your website, easy and advanced which allow varying amounts of control over the design process.  The software includes a large number of flash based templates to suit most aspects of web design including "friends and family", "Business", "Clubs and Societies", "Leisure and Sports", "Animals", "Vacation", and "Photo, Video and Music" themes.   Each template has customisable content for you to upload your own pictures, music, video and text boxes can be edited directly for entering your own text. Magix Website Maker 3

In easy mode it is really just a case of clicking through each page of the template and changing each page to suit with files beiong uploaded from your hard drive directly or from the MAGIX server.  In advanced mode it is possible to undertake far more customisation.  In this mode you can select which pages of a template are added, add more pages to the website, change backgrounds, add animations etc.  Also you are able to add files to your web space using a simple uploading interface to add to your website.  The features of the advanced mode, whilst no where near those required for professional web designers, do provide an huge amount of customisation with a simple to use interface.

To allow publishing of the website, MAGIX provide a subdomain in the form of http://[yourtext].magix.net/website/ and also 5GB of web space, which is certainly more than enough for the average website.  Importantly the hosting service can be upgraded to a higher level for a modest monthly fee as the website progresses, which in turn allows access to further templates and content.  The front end of the published website can also be exported to another domain if desired.

MAGIX Website Maker 3 really is a fantastic tool for introducing amateurs to website design and really simplifies the whole process, providing huge amounts of templates and objects to produce a great website.  The included manual even runs throught the basics of web design, marketing etc.  The only slight drawbacks that we could see was the inability to totally export sites and the fact that everything is tied to the MAGIX webhosting service, which after 12 months requires a paid subscription.  However as a starting point to learn the ropes of web design MAGIX Website Maker 3 is the best we have seen for a long while.

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