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Magix_Musicmaker_15MAGIX Music Maker 15 is described by MAGIX as being an easy introduction into music and song track creation and we think that's a pretty fair summary.  Whilst it would be a help to have some musical knowledge, it would be quite possible to put together a pretty professional sounding track.

The interface is good with clear graphics, and most facilities are highlighted in an ‘infobox' when the mouse hovers over it. However, we did find that the description of each function was not always very accurate and sometimes non-existent.  Despite this the software is fully supported with a detailed manual and a multitude of online video tutorials which detail how to use all of the features.

As can be seen above, tracks are built up from a series of ‘musical building blocks' which can be clicked and dragged into position on the major track. They can be lengthened, made to die, increase in volume, mix and match with other sounds, and the programme always keeps the pitch and tempo 100% correct. It does it all for you! You can pick and choose the style you wish to create i.e. Hip-Hop, Techno, Chillout etc and then choose from the many different styles and types of instrument available in that selection. You can record and input your own sounds, and also import your own favourite music (but be careful about copyright law).

As Magix say, there are thousands of musical building blocks available to mix and match so that you can make your own individual sound. The ‘Catooh' service is available where it is possible to load down further sound tracks, but this is not a free service. Also, it is possible to load up a particularly good track and publish it, and you will even receive a percentage of the revenue!


For the beginner there is an easy start mode, but when this is selected some of the facilities are not displayed.  This programme would keep someone who is interested in making music occupied for some time, if only finding out and mastering all the different effects, synthesizers and Mixer and Midi offerings it has.

We feel that it could have a lot to offer the educational market, in that it could be used in school music labs, to bring in those who are not learning music in the traditional way but would really enjoy this method of making music.  Although maybe a future version might benefit from some form of notation and script facility for more advanced musicians.

For the professional musician the programme is a bit ‘clunky', but then it is not really aimed at this market.

Overall, we think this programme gives very good value for money, offers sustained interest value with a wide range of facilities and the tracks created integrate well with other media. For a sample of the capabilities have a listen to a track that we created here (~7MB, so it could take a while to download!)

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