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magix_video_easyOur reviews of video editing software packages so far have been based on programs more suitable for the intermediate to professional video editor requiring all of the bells and whistles in order to produce professional quality video footage.  However, if you are really not interested in editing up your footage like the professionals and just want a belt and braces software package to quickly and easily edit footage without the need to spend hours poring over a manual or searching a wiki or forum for help, MAGIX have again stepped up to the plate with the latest iteration of video editing software for absolute beginners. MAGIX Video easy.

MAGIX Video easy, unlike other software portending to be easy to use, really is the simplest video editing software that we have seen.  That's not to say that it doesn't do a good job of the task, but it lacks the tweaking of more advance programs that could leave beginners scratching their heads.


The software provides a simple interface for editing and is mainly very self-explanatory, and anything which isn't is explained in the manual (with accompanying pictures).  There are three options for importing video from either video cameras, video files or from analog sources.  Each of the videos are arranged on a single timeline along the base of the interface and are totally editable, allowing start and end points to be selected for each imported video clip, and even undertake basic optimisation of footage (brightness, contrast, tint etc.)

The software, although basic, still offers the ability to add transitions between video clips, insert background music, text (animated and static) and insert images.  Sound levels are controlled through a master volume control for video and any background samples.

Once the desired footage is edited, effects have been added and titles written the video project can be burnt on to DVD along with menu of your choice (the program comes with a several menu templates, or more can be downloaded through Catooh).  Alternatively the project can be saved as a video file for playback (either as an MPEG or WMV file) or uploaded for viewing through YouTube (with a valid free account) or to MAGIX Online Album (again with a valid free account).

As a video editing package, MAGIX Video easy is never going to impress the experienced video editor.  However as a starting point for the average beginner the software tick all of the boxes, it is simple has an very easy to follow interface and all options are well documented in the brief but useful manual, and has enough options to allow for beginners to start developing their skills should they want to progress to more complex video editing packages.

At the time of writing the software is fairly priced at only £39.99 and includes MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010, an additional piece of system optimisation software which is ideal for any computer user who wants to keep their PC in top condition.

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