Desktop Publishing: MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer 6

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magix_photo_and_graphic_designer_6_boxWe reviewed the previous version (version 5) of MAGIX Photo and Graphic Designer here over a year ago, and despite the dated appearance of the software, it proved to be a substantial piece of software with a number of templates for easy design of almost any desktop publishing output.  A year on and the latest version, MAGIX Photo and Graphic designer 6, has been released and we were delighted to be able to conduct a follow-up review.

Similarly to the previous version, the latest ( which has a slightly higher price tag of £69.99 at the time of writing) comes with a detailed paperback manual, with information on how to get the best from the software as well as installation instructions.  The first thing that is different is the dated interface has been scrapped and a new more modern skin has been designed that makes usage of the software infinitely easier and tool navigation easier.  That's not to say that the functions of the software are any less, and the handling interface has been improved to make object selection easier and more intuitive and the addition and improvement of the existing drawing and masking tools lessens the gap between MAGIX Photo and Graphic Designer 6 and its more expensive counterparts (Photoshop, Coreldraw etc.).

In addition ot the software, MAGIX also offers users the chance to publish any websites created through the software on the MAGIX website (MAGIX-Online World).  Website creation is very simple with a good number of templates provided to make webpages, but if you just want to create a simple calendar or Thankyou card, the template library can accomodate these and many other design requirements.


The newly designed photo editing interface allows for very simple tweaking and optimisatiion of any photo, whether it is a scan of a vintage photo that needs a fair bit of remedial work or just a recently taken photo that simply needs the horizon straightening or red-eye removal.  Additionally a new batch resizer and optimizer function allows you to resize multiple photos quickly and efficiently for your web site or portfolio.

All in all, the latest release version provides a far better interface for graphic design than the old, making finding and using tools that much easier.  The improvement, and addition to, of the software's tool kit enhances the software significantly and for most users MAGIX Photo and Graphic Designer 6 will be more than enough for any desktop publishing application, especially with the many included templates that makes the design process that much quicker.